What the World Needs Now: Activated Storytellers, says Ari Kuschnir

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie once said, “Many stories matter.
Stories have been used to dispossess and to malign. But stories can
also be used to empower and to humanize. Stories can break the
dignity of a people. But stories can also repair that broken
dignity.” With the recent fad of sharing dystopian stories about
our universe, we are at a critical need for more empowered and
activated storytelling.

As storytellers and creators, we have an essential role to play.
During #SMWNYC, Founding Manager and Partner of m ss ng p eces, Ari
, shared his views on the power of stories in
opening our hearts and minds to new narratives that impact
ourselves and the world.

Here are three reasons why your brand should share Activated
Stories per Kuschnir:

Stories alter our way of being

Can you think of a defining story in time life that changed who
you are in the world? It is positive or negative? “Stories are
more of a heart thing more than a mind thing,” said Kuschnir. The
stories we experience have a large impact on how we think, feel,
and relate to others. “The most important question you can ask
someone is, “what is it like to be you?” Sharing stories can
help bridge the gap between you and a stranger.

At their most powerful, stories can heal and help others.
“They’re another form of medicine to help us deal with our
stuff,” explained Kuschnir.

Stories are sense-making tools

There’s power in making sense of the world through stories.
They serve as key motivators for why and how we do coordinated
things together. Kuschnir discussed our most common interactions
with sense-making narratives. “Money, democracy, all of these are
stories we all agree on. Until we don’t,” he said.

That’s why Kuschnir feels it’s important to push out stories
that contribute to better outcomes. “Telling transformational
stories about the present, but with projecting a better future has
an impact. I encourage you to highlight protopia over

Stories are the operating system of our consciousness

Like food, the stories we consume have an effect on our body.
It’s important to look at how much stuff you are putting in and
the stories are choosing to follow. In order to critically think
about how stories impact your consciousness, Kuschnir recommends
going on a story cleanse. “Ask yourself, what are you putting in
and why? If we’re just consuming for the sake of consuming, that
stuff is filling up and has emotional residue.”

Kuschnir put it best when he closed the session saying, “If
you step into the story of a more flourishing world, you can be
part of the solution.”

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What the World Needs Now: Activated Storytellers, says Ari
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What the World Needs Now: Activated Storytellers, says Ari Kuschnir