Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in South Korea

There has been an unprecedented
rise in Internet usage
across the globe during the last few
years. South Korea, with its rapidly growing digital services and
technologies, is one of the best choices for online marketing.
Getting to know the top 20 digital marketing agencies in South
Korea helps business organizations across the world to avail of the
most effective digital marketing solutions. It will help them to
reach their targeted audience and achieve their business

How to Pick the Right Digital Marketing Agency in South Korea

The top 20 digital marketing agencies in South Korea excel in
performing powerful digital interactions and visuals that provide
better learning and great experiences to users. The digital media
is today the most effective platform to achieve brand engagement
and ROI through powerful interactions. With its astounding digital
marketing capabilities, South Korea stands apart. Entrepreneurs,
before venturing into a partnership, must understand the qualities
of the digital marketing service providers.

The Top-Rated Digital Marketing Companies in South Korea 1. Korean

Korean Design is a design and marketing agency that helps
businesses to translate their design dreams into brand-building
promotional tools. Following a ‘one-to-one’ approach, this
leading marketing firm in South Korea provides product design,
branding solutions, SEO, SMM, and web design services.�

This firm has a presence in Australia. It also provides PPC and
Email marketing services to global clients, enabling them to
interact better with their customers and gain trust and loyalty.
Korean Design can be contacted by phone on Phone on + 61 3 9606

2. Web Design Korea

Web Design Korea is a leading SEO and web design company in
South Korea. It provides end-to-end E-Commerce, digital marketing,
and web design solutions to business organizations. Helping clients
to develop a strong brand image, this firm is one of the Top 20
Digital Marketing Agencies in South Korea. 

The firm specializes in providing customized marketing solutions
that take businesses ahead of the competition. It helps businesses
with creating attractive, multilingual sites as well. Web Design
Korea can be contacted by phone on Phone on + 02-512-8443.

3. Nitaro Digital Marketing

One of the Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in South Korea,
Nitaro Digital Marketing agency is located in Seoul. This firm
helps entrepreneurs to create customized, flexible, and excellent
digital marketing strategies, enabling them to reach a wide target

The services provided by Nitaro Digital Marketing include but
are not limited to PPC ads, SEO, SMM, and content marketing. The
client list includes Marco Polo Hotels, NordVPN, Acne Studios,
Bookaway, and Medidata. You may approach Nitaro by Email at and by phone on +82(0)70-7176-4900.

4. Hancook Research

Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, Hancook Research was
founded in 1978. It offers unparalleled market research,
consulting, publishing, and public opinion survey solutions to
business organizations from varied industries.

It is one of the largest marketing and opinion research services
companies in South Korea. You may approach Hancook Research by
phone on +82-2-3014-1000 or Fax +82-2-3014-0774 and by Email at

5. Pen Paper and Plot

Pen Paper and Plot is a full-service marketing agency located in
Seoul, South Korea. This growing firm excels in bringing global
brands to Korea successfully, helping them in every step to gain
visibility and engagement. 

Services offered include Social media marketing, branding,
public relations, content creation, and market research. This firm
serves brands such as Genesis Lab, Leesle, Kustom, and Hyundai. You
may approach Pen Paper and Plot by phone on 02-749-8312 | FAX:
02-749-8653 and by Email at

6. Isobar

One of the top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in South Korea,
Isobar is an award-winning, full-service digital agency that
delivers powerful and successful ideas for businesses. The firm
harnesses creativity and technology to connect people. 

Deploying a combination of offline and digital strategies,
Isobar has been providing unmatched advertising and marketing
solutions. Its client list includes Philips, Toyota, Amway,
Gore-tex, and Microsoft, among others. You may contact Isobar phone
on 82(0)260050802 and by Email at

6. Innocean Worldwide

Founded in 2005, with headquarters in Seoul, South Korea,
Innocean Worldwide has been managing the global marketing
communication of the renowned Hyundai Motor Company. With over 1600
employees and a presence in 17 countries, this organization
provides unmatched advertisement solutions.

The client list of Innocean Worldwide includes Hyundai, Kya,
Simone, Kolon Sport, and Prudential. Innocean Worldwide may be
contacted by phone on +82.2.2016.2300

8. TK101 Global

TK101 Global is a leading Digital marketing agency in Seoul,
South Korea. It provides comprehensive digital marketing services
that include SMM, SEO, SEM, Influencer marketing, and content
marketing. The firm specializes in Chinese and Korean SEO. 

TK101 Global has been serving renowned brands such as Labiotte,
Skin Food, Kose, Gentle Monster,, and Kotra. You may
contact TK101 Global by phone on +82 70-8854-3609 and by Email at

9. Leo Burnett

This renowned marketing and advertising organization in Seoul,
South Korea, is one of the Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in
South Korea. It has a presence in Taiwan as well. Leaders in
marketing and branding, this modern digital agency believes in
combining creativity, data, and technology to enable clients to
achieve their business objectives. 

This firm has a client list that includes P&G, Sanofi,
Volkwagen, Ikea, Coca Cola, and Bayer. Leo Burnett may be contacted
by phone on +82 2 2000 3600.

10. Punch Digital Marketing 

One of the top 20 digital marketing agencies in South Korea,
Punch Digital Marketing specializes in PPC, SEO, content marketing,
web development, and social media marketing. 

This firm has been serving brands such as Acne Studios, Nord
VPN, Dwell, and Arm. Punch Digital Marketing can be approached by
phone on +82 70-7176-4900 and by Email at

11. The SMC Group

The SMC Group is one of the top 20 digital marketing agencies in
South Korea located in Seoul. The firm specializes in providing
robust content marketing solutions. It follows the approach of
making all the planning and consulting necessary for crafting an
overall brilliant content.

Founded in 2009, the SMC Group is a leading social marketing
company that serves several global brands. Its client list includes
Samsung, LG, Everland, Lotte, Coway, and several others. You may
get in touch with The SMC Group by Email at and
by phone on + 02-816-9799

12. The Hoffman Agency 

Rated among the top 20 digital marketing agencies in South
Korea, the Hoffman Agency specializes in brand strategy, brand
consulting, brand reputation, SEO, SEM, and social media marketing
services. This digital agency has a presence in several countries
such as China, Tokyo, Singapore, Indonesia, and the UK. 

The major clientele of the Hoffman Agency includes Google, App
Annie, ARM, Apps Flyer, Avaya, and Lazada, among others. You may
get in touch with The Hoffman Agency by Email at and by phone on +82 2 737 2946.

13. I4U Works

Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, I4U Works was founded in
2010. Also known as I4U Networks, this leading digital marketing
company focuses on social media strategy and consulting services.
Its major clients are Samsung Electronics, Citibank, Lotte
Duty-Free, Ustream, and Daum, among others.   

I4U Works provides integrated marketing solutions to business
organizations from different domains. Driven by a team of young,
creative, and self-motivated professionals, this firm excels in
crafting unique marketing campaigns in a brand-specific way. You
may get in touch with I4U Works by Email at and by
phone on +82 2-515-8375.

14. Asiance

Having been awarded the Korea Digital Agency of the Year 2016 by
Campaign Asia- Pacific, Asiance is one of the top 20 digital
marketing agencies in South Korea. This company strongly believes
that user behavior specific to each country must be considered a
crucial factor while running marketing campaigns for different

The services offered include SMM, SEM, Blog marketing,
e-commerce solutions, and web ad mobile app development. This firm
serves several global brands such as Henkel, Lacoste, LG, Gucci,
Woolmark, Loreal, Samsung, and Pfizer. If you need further details,
you may get in touch with Asiance by Email at and
by phone on + 82 02 775 0764.

15. McCann Bristol

McCann Bristol is a part of the McCann Worldgroup, one of the
world’s largest communications and advertising companies. With a
presence in over 200 cities spread over 130 countries, it is the
best-connected global marketing agency in South Korea. It caters to
the digital marketing needs of global brands in a business-specific

This firm has more than 23,000 professionals working for it. It
integrates advertising, brand promotion, public relations, and all
forms of digital marketing services. For more details, you may get
in touch with McCann Bristol by Email at
and by phone on +82 2 2186 9700.

16. Post Visual Co

A growing digital agency headquartered in Seoul, South Korea,
Post Visual Co is among the top 20 digital marketing agencies in
South Korea. This firm was founded in 2000 and is among the highly
awarded digital marketing companies in South Korea.

This firm has received several awards at renowned events such as
Cannes Advertising Festival, Clio Advertising Festival, Busan
Advertising Festival, and Communication Arts Interactive Design
Annual.  The major client list includes Google, Nike, and eBay.
This modern digital agency has been the first in South Korea to win
a Gold Viber Lion at Cannes. Get in touch with Post Visual Co by
phone on +82 2 3142 3966.

17. Zenith Optimedia

With a presence in numerous countries and serving several global
enterprises, Zenith Optimedia has started operations in Seoul,
South Korea since 2011. With a powerful edge in the Korean market,
this firm has been providing unmatched digital solutions to
domestic and international brands.

This firm keeps constantly updating to meet the ever-changing
needs of clients, and adopts newer technologies to satisfy their
demands. Zenith Optimedia can be contacted by phone on +82 2 2000
3796 and by Email at

18. Blue Orange Communications Inc

Blue Orange Communications Inc, located in Seoul, South Korea,
has been operating in the digital marketing realm since 2014.
Adopting a data-driven methodology and equipped with a team of
top-notch creative professionals, this firm specializes in PPC,
social media, display Ads, and design services.

This fast-growing digital marketing company provides excellent
SEO, SEM, social media, and Mobile media services to global brands.
You may get further details from Blue Orange Communications Inc. by
phone on +82 70 4281 4369 and by Email at

19. Creatip Marketing

One of the top-rated digital marketing agencies located in
Seoul, South Korea, Creatip specializes in providing social media
management, paid search, email marketing, affiliate marketing,
display ad, and influencer marketing services.

Creatip helps brands with marketing consultancy, strategic
content planning, design and development, and video Marketing As
well. You may get more details about Creatip by phone on
+82.2.545.7927 / F 82.2.567.7927 and by Email at

20. MNCS Korea

Rated among the top 20 digital marketing agencies in South
Korea, MNCS Korea offers comprehensive digital marketing solutions
to business organizations from varied industries. The services
include SEO, SEM, SMM, Online advertising, lead generation and
nurturing, content marketing, and data analytics.

This firm specializes in data-driven marketing research and
offers cost-effective digital marketing solutions. MNCS Korea
ensures that its clients get quick responses and a flexible
approach that suit their unique problems. The firm has experience
working with multinational, multicultural enterprises across the
globe. If you need more details, contact MNCS by Email at and by phone on +82.2.548.7148.


The digital sphere in South Korea is unique. It is one of the
very few domains where different search engines share the market.
Developing and running digital marketing campaigns in South Korea
calls for a clear understanding of the peculiarities and specific
requirements here. Naturally, business owners and brands need to
analyze the various pros and cons of the top 20 digital marketing
agencies in South Korea before joining hands with one.

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