The Productivity Secret of Highly-Effective Entrepreneurs


If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you spend a great part of
your day with back to chair staring into a computer screen. In
fact, I bet that as you’re reading this, you’re hunched over
your desk, where you’ll likely spend the next several hours.

But did you know that a lack of productivity is directly

linked to inactivity
? Yep, all those symptoms – foggy brain,
inability to focus, creative slump – stem from a sedentary
work life

But I get it. You’re a busy entrepreneur. Every moment of your
computer time is spent capturing mentions,
monitoring conversations
, and creating opportunities.

And sure, you’ve got to keep up, but at what cost? According
to recent
, sitting is at an all time high and quite literally
killing us as a society.

With health hazards ranging from heart disease to cancer, it’s
time to get proactive and reduce the risks.

The good news? There is a productivity secret that might be the

Below, I break down what that one thing is, plus a variety of
ways to instantly improve your mindset, daily workflow, activity
level, and overall productivity.

The Productivity Secret of Highly-Effective Entrepreneurs
Increasing Your Productivity at Work

I’m sure you’ve heard the advice, “Work smarter, not
harder.” But often times, as entrepreneurs, time management can
be a huge challenge. After all, when your office is in your home
(after you’re done celebrating), the reality that your office is
in your home begins to set in.

It’s that moment when you realize that a 40 hour work week has
turned into a 24/7 job of monitoring email, surfing social for
mentions, wrangling clients, and in the wee hours of the morning,
focusing on executing your own marketing and sales strategy.

And that’s where the difficulty in staying active while
productive comes in. We sit all day at a desk only to hop onto a
couch and binge Netflix. It’s a never-ending cycle of sitting!
But what if you could sit and increase productivity? Believe it or
not, it can be done!

So, let’s start with the facts and then move into the
solution. Because if you want to increase
your productivity
, you’re going to have to combat the ONE
thing holding you back – a sedentary entrepreneurial

How Sitting All Day Affects Your Body


  1. Heart Damage Linked to High Blood Pressure

Studies have shown that those with
sedentary lifestyles
(aka entrepreneurs) are at a greater risk
of developing cardiovascular diseases than those with more active

What’s more, the former are prone to elevated levels of
cholesterol which constricts blood flow in the vessels thereby
increasing blood pressure and consequently straining the heart.

  2. Your Pancreas is Crying Out for Help

The pancreas is tasked with providing insulin, the hormone that
delivers energy to the muscles.

When insulin isn’t used up as is the case with idle muscles,
then its levels increase to dangerous thresholds.

This over-concentration in the blood leads to the onset of
diseases such as

  3. You Can’t Escape Upper Body and Back Problems

How many times per day do you rub your neck or stretch your back
and listen as it creaks and cracks?

Neck strains and herniated lumbar discs are also consequences of
too much sitting which puts a lot of weight of the cervical

  4. Cancer Might Loom in Your Future

Though inconclusive, there is
substantive evidence
linking endometrial, breast, and colon
among other forms of cancer to too much sitting.

According to,

“Risks of death among those who reported the most leisure time
sitting were higher from cancer, coronary heart disease, stroke,
diabetes, kidney disease, suicide, lung disease, liver disease,
peptic ulcer and other digestive disease, Parkinson’s disease,
Alzheimer’s disease, nervous disorders, and musculoskeletal

Experts believe inactivity reduces the number of natural
oxidants in your body which keep these diseases at bay.

  5. Lower Body Problems are a Real Problem

Too much sitting also leads to swelling and/or blood clots in
the ankles and legs as the circulation of blood slows down in the
lower limbs.

The absence of weight-bearing activities on these bones causes
them to grow thinner and more fragile.

Yikes! I don’t need anything speeding up the natural process
of growing older.

Productivity and Ergonomics: Get More Done, More Comfortably

With all of that said, there are ways to improve your posture,
comfort level, and productivity through increased activity, better
habits, and a few updates to your work environment.

  – Set Up Your Chair the Right Way

Your spinal curves should be at one with your chair i.e. it
should support them seamlessly against the backrest without strain
or discomfort.

tweak your chair’s heigh
t such that your feet rest flat at
the base and until the floor and your thighs are parallel to each

Do the same for armrests so as to alleviate adding pressure on
your shoulders when you rest your arms.

– Common Office Items

Your stapler, coffee mug, mobile phone, and any other necessary
items should be kept at arm’s length to alleviate the strain that
comes with reaching for them.

For anything outside that perimeter, it’s ideal that you

  – PC

Your monitor
should also be at arm’s length from you and, as a general rule of
thumb, your eye level should coincide with the screen’s top.

Your mouse and keyboard should be on the same surface and it’s
better to use keyboard shortcuts whenever possible so as to reduce
mouse usage that places considerable strain on the wrist and


  – Desk

Leave sufficient clearance under your desk for your leg and feet
to maneuver. Further, make arrangements to store items such as
regularly used files on the table so as to avoid constantly
straining your back by reaching for them in lower compartments.

Aside from observing those ergonomic tweaks, here’s what else
you should do.

  – Take Regular Breaks

Take regular breaks in between work, preferably every 30 – 60
minutes. Get up, do some light stretching, walk around your desk or

For me, this practice started 7 years ago when I realized how
much time I was spending on the computer.

I began to set a reminder for every 60 minutes and walk my dogs
around my Los Angeles neighborhood. I was amazed how much better I
felt when I got out for even a few minutes and the renewed energy
it gave me.

Not to mention the health benefits for my dogs!


  – Have Talk-and-Walk Meetings/Conferences

Walking while talking and working is a great way to get
important business done. Apart from getting your daily share of
physical activity, it also helps rid stress and ensure your mind is
firing on all cylinders.

  – Don’t Take the Bus/Car to Work, Take the Bike

Now just because you’re an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you
work from home. With co-working spaces changing the landscape of
our remote work environment, it’s important to take advantage of
that commute.

Instead of taking the car, bus or subway to work, get a commuter
bike. Better yet, if your office is just a stone’s throw away,
you could walk to work.

I took up cycling a few years ago and it’s changed my life in
almost every way. How I work out, how I start my day, how I feel
throughout my day… ev – uh – ry – thing!


  – Get a Desk and Stationary Bike

Another excellent alternative to incorporating some form of
physical activity into your daily routine is a desk or stationary
bike. The pick of the bunch in this category being the Flexispot desk and bike.

Full disclosure, I started using this about 1 month ago when
meetings got too heavy and I wasn’t able to get away from my desk
as often.

They didn’t pay me to post my review, all thoughts are my own
and only given after I’d spent adequate time with the bike and

And one thing to also note, I was very skeptical about pulling
outdoor cycling out of my morning routine.

But wow has the indoor bike done the trick on the days I can’t
get outside (and then some). In fact, I loved it so much, I now
have two! One for my home and one for the office. (both include
that pup right there) 😍


Active Work Lifestyles Increase Entrepreneur Productivity   1. It
Gets You (and the Creative Juices) Moving

Sitting leads to physical inactivity which could be what’s
grinding your creative gears to a halt.

Regular movement, on the other hand, gets the heart pumping, the
blood flowing and consequently delivers more oxygen and nutrients
to the brain and muscles.

As a result, you’ll experience improved cognitive function as
well as an increased energy reserve and reduced fatigue.

  2. It Improves Productivity via Good Health

Moreover, if you get a sedentary diseases, you’re certainly
not going to be as effective as you were before.

A desk bike ensures sufficient exercise and physical well being
to wading off such illnesses that will undoubtedly impact your

As a result, you won’t miss fruitful days due to being stuck
sick in bed. You’ll clock more hours in at the office and your
returns will be higher.

  3. Get Work Done While Burning Calories

The tight schedule of a busy entrepreneur can be unforgiving and
you often find that there is hardly enough time left for yourself
let alone hitting the gym or taking a walk/run around the

If you’re among those with absolutely no time to spare, a desk
bike offers a nice way to exercise in the background while
attaining your goals for the day. You hit two birds with one
extremely convenient and comfortable stone.


  4. You’ll Actually Follow Through With Exercise

How many times have we proposed to hit the gym regularly only
for an “I’ll do it tomorrow” to turn into a week then a month
and so on?

With a desk bike though, procrastination won’t be an option as
you’ll be seated in your very own gym where you can exercise at

  5. No One Will Tell You to be Quiet

As silent as a mouse, this desk bike will not distract you or
anyone else nearby thanks to its noiseless flywheel.

  6. Keep Moving Without the Sweating

Not in the mood for strenuous leg work? Then just set the
resistance to the lowest number. If you feel you can do more, then
up the resistance to increase the challenge.

Final Thoughts

There’s so many ways you can get moving and improve your life
and productivity at work.

Creating space for regular physical activity – on your
schedule – is beneficial to your health and work.

Aside from steering clear of chronic illnesses, constant
exercising through regular movement will clear the fog off your
mental windshield. And who doesn’t need that?!

It’ll also increase your energy levels to take on anything
that comes your way. No more mid-day entrepreneur glaze. Instead,
you’ll be blazing through your objectives like a cheetah chasing
down prey in the Serengeti. 👍

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