The Power of Your Personal Brand: Let Your Personality Shine

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In the summer of 2012, I celebrated my two-year anniversary in
business. It seemed like a great milestone to write a blog post
about all of the things I’ve learned and how much I’ve grown
from the experience. I wanted to give some sage advice that would
help other budding business owners navigate entrepreneurship.
Realistically, though, I was still struggling with a lot of things.
My business growth was stagnant in the previous months and I
couldn’t find a balance between work and anything else in

I considered polishing the post by only highlighting the good
stuff. But, it just didn’t feel right. I started talking to other
people to gain some perspective and I recall someone advised me to
write about the challenges I was experiencing. I was a little
nervous because I didn’t want anyone to think I was a fraud. But,
I found the
courage to put myself out there in a way that was comfortable for

I was pleasantly surprised to discover how much the post
resonated with other business owners and entrepreneurs. They could
relate to my struggles. Several even several shared their personal
stories with me.

It was in that moment that I made the decision to stop trying to
have all of the answers and start getting real. It became my
blogging mantra and it’s served me well. Some of my posts are
raw, sharing a glimpse into my perfectly imperfect world. I’ve
written about
, and – my personal favorite –� sh**
And, I have loved every minute of it.

Be You.

While I am a social media professional with over a decade of
experience, that doesn’t mean I have to write about the latest
Facebook updates. That’s boring. The people who want that kind of
information can go to Google. Readers come to my blog because I
offer something different.
Blogging has put me on the map
, but not because I share
Instagram hacks. It’s because I infuse my personality and voice
into my posts. My readers feel more connected to me and are more
willing to engage with me on a deeper level.

Tell A Story.

Some of the best posts tell a personal story. I’ve had my fair
share of personal stories including the top post of all-time about

my involvement in a car accident in 2000

Our client, Chad Harvey, is a great example of how an industry
professional can build a relationship with his audience while
showcasing his expertise. His
most recent post
shares a story about his great grandfather who
made a risky investment during an uncertain time, which gave Chad a
compelling segue into his post.

Another client, Lennie, an elder law
attorney, offers unique insights within his content. While many in
his field cover the standard stuff like “10 things to put in your
will,†Lennie writes about how smart seniors do dumb things, and
he infuses his perspective
into his content

Start Today.

I’ve found that the biggest hurdle is simply getting started.
We have a tendency to believe that we must have a perfect finished
product. While I don’t recommend writing a post riddled with
typos or filming a video in your pajamas, you should not let
perfectionism hold you back. Allow yourself to grow into the
experience. Laugh at the goofs. Learn from the audience. I
personally dislike filming videos, but I still do it. In fact,
in this video, I share
advice for those of you who struggle with establishing a source of
rich content to enhance your personal brand. If you take anything
away from this post, I hope you’ll embrace the perfectly
imperfect and let your personality shine!

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The Power of Your Personal Brand: Let Your Personality Shine

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The Power of Your Personal Brand: Let Your Personality