The Life of The Oreo Cat’s Person

Join as Chloe DiVita, All Pet Voices Co-Founder, and Tina, The
Oreo Cat’s Person, talk about what it’s like to manage famous
cats’ social media accounts. Oreo has over 2 million followers on
TikTok alone! This video is part of the Pet Voices LIVE series.
CLICK HERE to see the full schedule of videos. INTRODUCTION Chloe
DiVita, All Pet Voices Co-Founder – 0:02 Hello, and welcome to
Pet Voices LIVE. We are so excited today to have a famous cat’s
person with us. And that famous cat is Oreo the cat. And we’re
just so excited to learn about what it is like behind the scenes
because we all get the final cute videos and pictures. We get all
of the amazing content. Meanwhile, Tina, who has joined us, has to
be creating that and I doubt it happens on the first try. So
we’re going to learn all about that today. And if you don’t
know Oreo the cat, he is a leading visionary in social media
management and content creation. He’s known around the world for
social media presence in many, many different places. I know on
TikTok you have over 2 million followers and that’s just amazing.
He works with popular brands. And the cool thing about it is it’s
him but it’s really Tina, who has the expertise in video and
content creation and has inspired partnerships around the world.
She also writes books. That’s something I want to get in there.
She’s got six books including for children’s books. Oreo the
cat has a very big following as do his siblings, Onyx and Pudding.
Yes, the official sorry. It’s THE Oreo Cat. It’s important. I
just want to call him Oreo, but he’s a brand. He’s The Oreo
Cat. Tina, The Oreo Cat – 1:22 “The Oreo Cat” comprises all
of them together. So when we talk about “The Oreo Cat,” people
know that it’s Oreo, Onyx, and Pudding. It’s the three of them.
It’s a group. So Oreo is Oreo. He is Oreo the cat. So the three
of them together, with me included, are “The Oreo Cat.” Chloe
DiVita, All Pet Voices Co-Founder – 1:45 The Oreo Cat. I love it.
So The Oreo Cat is comprised of these three wonderful cats who all
have their own unique story. Which one did you have first? Tina,
The Oreo Cat – 1:58 I got Oreo first. Chloe DiVita, All Pet
Voices Co-Founder – 2:01 Okay, I kind of thought so, but I
wasn’t sure. And how old is he? Tina, The Oreo Cat – 2:05
He’s six. Chloe DiVita, All Pet Voices Co-Founder – 2:07 He’s
six. So he’s still spunky and young. Tina, The Oreo Cat – 2:09
Yeah, he’s still got some energy in there. Chloe DiVita, All Pet
Voices Co-Founder – 2:17 I know Pudding is sort of the baby.
Tina, The Oreo Cat – 2:20 Mm hmm. Yeah, he turns a year on June
14. So he’s almost a year […]

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The Life of The Oreo Cat’s Person
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The Life of The Oreo Cat’s Person