The Importance of Building an Email List As an Entrepreneur in 2020

Being a new entrepreneur is tough.

With over 582 million entrepreneurs in the
(with many serving their customers digitally), having a
breakthrough in marketing your business online can be a daunting
and challenging task for many people. In order to find success, you
need to be bold, brave and unique and find creative strategies that
will give you an edge over the competition. 

There is no overnight success. 

There are a lot of ways to ensure that your business will become
successful online. However, in order to achieve that, you must
create an effective strategy that includes driving traffic to your
website through an online sales funnel to
build a list of customers for your business.

Why is having an email list important?

Building a good email lists is one of the best marketing assets
a small business will have. 

93 percent of B2B marketers are
currently using email to distribute content and spent over $350
million dollars on email advertising in 2019.

It is often challenging to build email lists in itself but with
proper management and effective utilization of email file, this
will drive good revenues immensely. There are 2 ways of building
email lists effectively: paid options and free options.

Paid options

As the word says “paid”, meaning you have to shell out a bit
of your money in order to build your email lists. Here are some of
the helpful sites you can engage with:

Google Ads

Google allows you to advertise your products with the use of
their product listing ads. You can include your product’s image,
price, title, promotional message and your business name without
having to create different ads for each product you are selling.
Make sure that the ads created for your website is encouraging and
eye-catching. By clicking on your ads, users are directed to your
website thus becoming not only a potential customer but a follower
as well. 

Facebook ads

Using Facebook ads will drive people to go directly to your
Facebook page and encourage them to “like” and signup to your
email list. Try to create enticing incentives or freebies to users
to direct them to your page. Make sure that you identify your
target market and more importantly create ads that are precise to
your user’s criteria.

Pinterest Promoted Pins

With Pinterest Promoted Pins, you have to apply access for this
dashboard because it would usually take weeks before its approval.
However once approved, the possibilities of having good results for
your business is tremendous. You just have to make sure that you
create an enticing promotional offer, a blog post that will direct
your audience to your page and tell them what exactly you will be
giving away and set it up with an opt-in function for the people to
view and be directed to your website. 

Solo Ads 

Using Solo Ads are one of the quickest ways to quickly building
a massive mailing list. A solo ad is a method where in you pay
other people like webmasters who already have a huge list to send
emails and advertise your business to their own list of emails. In
short, you will be paying them to recommend your business using
their own subscribers.

Free options

These are some of the sites wherein you can promote your
business and encourage users to visit your website.


Everybody knows that uploading a video on YouTube is free. So
make sure that you also include a YouTube link on your website.
Create a teaser content for your brand that sparks the interest and
curiosity of your audience that would want them to sign up and give
their email.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups that allow people to connect and provide
information so you can delicately ask for email signups

Online courses

e-learning or online training sessions can be helpful in getting
email lists especially if you they are of value for them. Many
online training sessions asks for contact information so that you
can reach out to them to provide the training schedule.

Forum marketing

This is another great way to make your business be known and
stand out. Users are generally experts, respected bloggers, net
savvy consumers that are open to engaging in online purchases. That
is the reason why forum marketing is another strategy to make a
good impression and let you spread the word about your

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