Ten Observations in the Thick of COVID-19


The coronavirus outbreak continues to get scarier by the minute.
At the time of writing this post, there are 27,000 confirmed cases
in the United States and that number is expected
to grow to 70,000 by the end of the week

It’s hard to believe the amount of change we’ve experienced
in just one week. And, I am certain the world will look completely
different in another week.

Here’s what I’ve observed, so far.

General observations

It will get worse before it gets better. There
is no expiration date on this virus. We do not know when we will
arrive to safety, so we need to brace for that reality. It goes
without saying that we should do everything possible to prevent
further impact – so please limit unnecessary interaction with other

There is no such thing as security. Whether
it’s a job, health, family or money – no one is immune to loss.
This may be the scariest realization of all. A lot of people are
frightened, but remember, we are all facing the same thing (see
next point).

We need to stick together. I’m positively
overwhelmed at the amount of support I’ve witnessed in both
physical and virtual communities. I haven’t seen people come
together like this since 9/11. We need to continue to help each
other out during this time. (And, remember to help those who
won’t ask for help!)

We must remain nimble. Flexibility is crucial
surviving this war
. Whatever we have planned for the day,
prepare to pivot and even overhaul that plan. We, as humans, crave
stability and routine, but I think the best thing we can do is
adapt to this new normal.

This is a wake-up call. No one should be
placing blame. Instead, we should realize that this is the slap in
the face that we needed to wake-up as a society and as individuals.
Once the dust settles, we will all have a different outlook on
life. What changes will you make as a result of this crisis?

Personal observations

Teledoc is a great alternative. This past week,
I was sick. I scheduled an appointment with my family doctor on
Tuesday, however on Monday, I received an email from my insurance
company informing me of a safer option using Teledoc. I scheduled a call with a
doctor that day, which prevented me from making the trip to the
office and potentially infect others. (Bonus: Teledocs can also
send prescriptions to your pharmacy. Another bonus: I am feeling
much better).

I’ve been in the wrong business. Rather,
I’ve been labeling it incorrectly. For the past 10 years, I’ve
considered our social media management company a marketing service;
it’s really a communications service. The number of requests
we’ve received from our clients has tripled this week. They
realize the importance of social media as a vehicle for
communication. Moreover, those who did this the right way by
providing value to their audience (instead of selling), can now

cash in on that community

I missed working with my husband. Most of us
were quarantined the past week, which was an adjustment period.
I’m fortunate to run a virtual company because that minimized the
impact of the sudden at-home working arrangements. It’s been a
while since I worked
alongside my husband, Nathan
.  He’s been employed by the
Commonwealth for several years, which was a decision we made when
it became too challenging to afford to live as two entrepreneurs.
On Monday, he started working virtually – and while he has been
extremely busy with his job, it’s nice just having him around

There’s a lot I can do without. As much as I
love the gym, 24/7 grocery delivery and a nice dinner out,  I can
go without these things and be alright. I’ve been creative with
my workout, I’ve enjoyed the simple act of making a meal with
limited ingredients, and I’ve found that maybe a nice dinner at
home is just the ticket. 

Many are dealing with worse. If my biggest
complaint is the inability to go to the gym, I’ve got it good. I
recognize this and while I have not been without struggles with
what’s happening, a lot of folks have it worse. Many have to work
with their kids at home. I can’t imagine. There are people in my
community who have lost their only source of income with no notice.
There are people around the country who are at high-risk for the
virus and they are terrified for their life. I think it’s my
responsibility to offer as much as help to others as I can.

A final word

We will be OK. As I said in
my post last week
, there’s no way to prepare for every
possible thing that could happen. Instead, we have to be ready to
embrace and overcome the obstacles as they occur, no matter how
unexpected. We will be OK and we will come back from it.

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge with
it, move with it, and join the dance.” – Alan Watts

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Ten Observations in the Thick of COVID-19