Social Media Wednesday LIVE Season 2 Episode # 01. 25 March 2020

Social Media Wednesday LIVE Season 2 Episode # 01.  25 March 2020

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I am Jyotindra Zaveri, your friendly social media marketing
consultant and trainer. 
I suggest you keep a pen and a notebook ready to jot down
points. I will be discussing many essential aspects, takeaway and
Because of the current health situation, a lot of us are working
from home. Even if you cannot go to your usual places to network
face-to-face with others at meetings or social events, you can
still take action and build up your networking online.
First of all, Fear is the hidden enemy. 
Important Takeaway: Do not let FEAR paralyze you. Let us use
technology, such as Facebook LIVE to communicate.  
The challenge today is how
to remain active and productive staying at home?

Plan your time daily, say about an hour, to reach out to a few
people each day in your social media network and fix an appointment
to WhatsApp call.  You are welcome to call me on 

WhatsApp in the evening: +91 9552946949 at a
mutually convenient time. 

There are many ways to connect with others, even if not face
to face. Send a connection request, to those whom you had met in
the past, on LinkedIn or Facebook. Take out all those business
cards and reestablish relations. Send a Thank You message using the
Facebook Messenger or LinkedIn Message option. Do not spam.
Remember, the purpose is to establish a relationship. 

Homework: Expand your network on Facebook and

Have an actual conversation with them. If both you and that
person are comfortable with setting up a video call, I recommend
connecting with them at a scheduled time on WhatsApp or Skype or
similar, video platform.
Not only chat about each other’s businesses but ask how they
are doing personally. Find out if there are ways you can help
them.  Share how you plan to utilize the time at home. Exchange
ideas. Maybe you will learn something. 
Fortunately, people can still build meaningful and useful
relationships, even if they are stuck inside their homes.

Homework: Schedule WhatsApp video calls. Fix Date
and time mutually convenient for audio or video

Every business wants to be the customer’s first choice.
Building and managing a brand can play a significant part in making
that happen.  A strong brand can make any business stand out from
the crowd, particularly in competitive markets. 
Let us mentally be prepared to cope up with social distancing
for another month or so.  I hope the situation will

Important Takeaway:Utilize your time in learning some
new skill.  

Most of you must be using Facebook and maybe LinkedIn for
business marketing. But, I would like you to use all the super
seven platforms. 

Please register (signup) with the following SEVEN social media
platforms; if already not done so:

  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Slideshare (Signup with your LinkedIn ID)
  4. Twitter
  5. Instagram (Signup with your Facebook ID)
  6. Pinterest
  7. YouTube (Signup with your Gmail, Not necessary to upload a

Homework:SHARE your URL here in Comments so that
we all can connect with you.

See you again next Wednesday Live on April 01, 2020.
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Social Media Wednesday LIVE Season 2 Episode # 01. 25 March 2020