Nextdoor’s Help Map Helps You Help Neighbors

Nextdoor has launched two new features which could prove invaluable during the COVID-19 crisis we’re currently living through. Help Map lets you volunteer to help your neighbors in need, while Nextdoor Groups allows you to create groups with like-minded individuals.

For the uninitiated, Nextdoor is a social network focused on local connections. It lets you connect with your neighbors, giving you a hub to share information, organize events, and recommend tradespeople. And it’s proving its worth amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

Nextdoor Launches Features to Help Communities

In a post on the Nextdoor Blog, the social network introduces Help Map and Groups. Help Map is a brand new feature that seems tailor-made for this moment in time. Nextdoor Groups has been in beta for a while, but is now being made available globally.

Help Map is an interactive map which lets you offer help to those in need. This could be getting medicines or groceries for sickly neighbors under quarantine. Or checking in on elderly neighbors who may be feeling even more lonely now than usual.

Nextdoor Groups allows you to form groups of like-minded people or with specific purposes in mind. Examples include moms struggling to manage childcare while the schools are closed or people interested in keeping fit but struggling with motivation.

According to Nextdoor, groups have been forming organically since the COVID-19 crisis kicked in. However, the social network is now going to help more to form by encouraging members to “turn active conversation threads into groups”.

Remember to Take Care of Your Mental Health Too

These features could prove invaluable for people struggling to cope with this pandemic. While Nextdoor is popular, it’s nowhere near as big as some other social networks. These features could help it to shine at what is becoming an international time of crisis.

The COVID-19 crisis is going to be tough for a lot of people, with health and money worries sure to come to the fore. Which makes it even more essential that we all look after our mental health. To help, check out these positivity apps that can boost your spirits.

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Nextdoor’s Help Map Helps You Help Neighbors