Jolene Cherry Shares 5 Social Media Tips For Yoga Instructors

Your job title may read “Yoga Instructor,” but you are, in
fact, your own business, and that means staying relevant with the
latest trends in outreach and client communication. In other words,
social media is an absolute must, even if it doesn’t jive with
the rest of your lifestyle. Despite their inherent flaws,
socialized online platforms can make a world of difference in
today’s fast-paced business climate.

According to yoga instructor Jolene Cherry, social media done well can help yoga
teachers establish their brand, engage with their students, and
educate communities that otherwise have limited access to physical
yoga studios.

“As a business owner, managing your reputation in all forms is
essential, but social media inherently embraces vulnerability. My
teaching philosophy preaches transparency, and digital channels are
the perfect outlets.”

In this article, Jolene Cherry shares five proven tips yoga
teachers can adopt to grow their clan with authenticity.

1. Know Your Audience

In business, discovering your niche can help you thrive. The
same goes for social media engagement. Before you
start blasting the web with filtered photos of challenging yoga
poses, reflect on the type of audience you want to create a
connection with via apps like Instagram. Naturally, targeting your
existing clients and friends is an excellent launching pad, but be
open to growing beyond your comfort zone. Experiment with content
as you hone your voice and style, then look for patterns in who and
how people respond. Profile backgrounds, likes, and comments will
help steer you in the right direction, though remember to stay true
to your being and project your core values.

2. Authenticity

Internet trolls adore calling out those who post inaccurate
information online, especially profoundly altered photos in the
fitness realm. As a yoga teacher, you’re already concerned with
helping people find the truth within their bodies and mind, so
apply the same mentality to your social media shares. Be courageous
and allow people to see the REAL you in addition to all those
glamorous moments you’ve experienced as an energetic yogi.

3. Cadence

You’ve heard the saying “content is king.” To build an
audience and, more importantly, maintain engagement over time, you
need to develop a social media strategy based around consistency.
Finding the optimal cadence can be tricky at first since you need
to post enough to remain relevant, but not too much that you
overwhelm everyone and lose followers. Keep your posting goals
weekly and then slowly ramp up once you become more comfortable and
efficient. Odds are you’ll need to adjust your plan at least a
dozen times before you discover what works, but as a diligent yoga
practitioner, that shouldn’t discourage you.

4. Content

Eventually, your followers will help reveal what content is
working as well as posts that are dead in the water. As you start,
focus on sharing what you’re most passionate about in terms of
yoga practice, teaching, and well-being. Be mindful, personable,
and leave your ego at the door.

5. Growth

Every fiber in your being will urge you to refresh the page for
new likes and followers, but you must resist drinking from this
cup. Instead of obsessing on the number of followers that you
accrue, focus on putting out quality content that you’re proud
of. Just as you nurture your skills as a teacher, embrace growth as
a content creator and look for areas of improvement. Celebrate the
small wins, have fun, and remember to breathe.

About Jolene Cherry: Jolene Cherry is a passionate yoga instructor and
health advocate who excels in a variety of yoga styles, especially
Vinyasa Yoga, traditional Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, as well as
meditation-oriented Yin Yoga.  She believes striking a balance in
life is the key to wellbeing and aims to help her clients reach
that balance through physical activity, mindfulness, and healthy
nutrition. When she is not working, she volunteers at Yoga in the
Park and is a big dog lover.

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