It’s OK to Get Angry

So it’s midweek here in Port Sydney, Ontario, where I live.
Our kids are on the third day of their extended March Break and,
much like everyone else in this new normal we find ourselves in,
it’s starting to kick in.

The frustration. The boredom. And, yes, the anger.

Anger that life will probably be like this for beyond the
foreseeable future. Yes, the school is closed for another two
weeks, but we’re already prepared for it being longer –
something our provincial government has
already suggested

Anger that the vacation my wife and I had planned for this week
– our first as a family in 12 years – had to be canceled.

Anger that political sides and supporters are still taking pot
shots at each other to win points, as opposed to working together
to save lives.

Anger at the selfish assholes that know the risks of ignoring
the advice of health experts, and continue as life is normal. Group
meetings, house parties, and more.

And, I guess, anger the fact I’m letting myself get angry at
this stuff, when the world seems to be falling around us, and we
need to support each other as opposed to getting angry at things we
can’t change.

But then I think – you know what? It’s okay to get angry.
It’s okay to want to scream, or punch the wall, or smash dishes
(note: I haven’t done this and am not suggesting you do

It’s okay to feel this way, because we don’t have an
equivalent on which to measure this by.

Our way of life has changed. Perhaps irrevocably. And one way of
dealing with that is through anger, because it’s a natural

Besides, anger –
healthy anger
– is good for you and can actually help you get
through this current situation, as well as ensuring your anger
doesn’t result in hurt for those around you.

So. Give yourself permission to be angry.

Give yourself permission to be okay with feeling that way when
it hits you. Know you’re not alone, and that more people just
like you and me are feeling the exact same way.

Allow yourself the angry moments, just as you allow yourself the
loving, positive, “this is how we’ll get through this”

It’s the natural thing to do.

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It’s OK to Get Angry