Instagram Threads Gets a Makeover, But Does Anyone Even Care?

Instagram has rolled out another update to Threads, its lesser-known messaging app. This time, Instagram gave Threads a major facelift that includes an upgraded navigation system, a dedicated status tab, and a way to post to your Instagram Story.

The Foundation of Threads Starts to Unravel

Instagram launched Threads in October 2019, but the standalone messaging app never really took off. Despite this, Instagram is still continuing to update the app.

Instagram’s newest update to Threads gives the app a more modern appearance. Threads now has a simplified navigation system, and also includes a Status tab that lets you quickly check up on friends.

You can even use Threads to post photos and videos to your Instagram Story. With this change, it’s clear that Threads is struggling to function as a standalone app.

In October 2020, Instagram unveiled a major update for Threads, which allows users to message anyone on Instagram. This essentially upended the purpose of Threads, as the platform was originally intended to be a messaging app for close friends only.

How Will Threads Stay Relevant?

Threads was supposed to be a replacement for Instagram Direct, which Instagram ended up discontinuing. The close-knit nature of the app was what made it unique, but it seems to have lost that quality. Threads is becoming more like an Instagram clone, which doesn’t really make it worth using.

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Instagram Threads Gets a Makeover, But Does Anyone Even Care?