How You Should Hire For These Positions At Your Digital Marketing Company

Digital marketing is going to continue to grow for the
foreseeable future. Top digital marketing professionals have
already delved into the way voice search on smartphones will impact
search patterns. The digital marketing landscape is interesting in
the fact that the best in SEO or content marketing might not have
the most coveted positions. A number of these people decide to go
into business for themselves as they have mastered the art of
earning money online. Hiring for your digital marketing company
needs to be done carefully as a few bad hires can cripple cash
flow. Implementing�hiring technology is important as the
artificial intelligence
 used can identify patterns associated
with quality hires. Going by your gut works for some entrepreneurs
but data is difficult to argue with. The following are tips to hire
the best team possible for each of these types of positions at a
digital marketing company.

Web Designers/Developers

Web design and development being listed on a resume is something
that a number of people lie about. Designing an uncle’s website
for his very small business doesn’t require the skills that it
does to design a full-scale ecommerce website. Hiring from other
agencies that have specialized in web design could be the best
move. You want a developer with experience in multiple coding
languages and continues to learn. The self-education of web design trends
 and those that pertain to SEO is essential. Clients
want websites that are going to look great and rank well on search
engines. Organic traffic isn’t going to convert with a poorly
designed website as it frequently frustrates people with slow
loading times or strange media popping up on the homepage.


Sales professionals can come from a variety of backgrounds which
can be advantageous if your digital agency specializes in marketing
certain types of businesses. A person that has paralegal experience
might be able to sell far better to a law firm than someone without
a legal background. Competition drives sales and the best thing
that can happen is a competition arises between top salespeople
leading to huge increases in revenue.

Pushy salespeople in digital marketing can be blacklisted as the
community does meet up at different conferences and virtual
seminars. Former college athletes with sales experience can drive
sales due to their natural competitive nature and willingness to
produce in a team environment. Do not be afraid to take a risk on
certain individuals that have had success in sales in a different
business niche. People that can sell can usually sell almost
anything that provides value to a customer.


“Content is King†has been stated for years but in today’s
digital landscape, written content can help take a brand’s name
mainstream. Offering content marketing services whether it is
writing content for the company blog or for offsite publications is
attractive to a number of potential clients. Outreach and content
production can be a full-time job in itself so writers are required
to offer a full-service marketing agency. Asking writers for their
experience in email marketing, newsletters, and other types of
written content besides blog posts/articles is essential. A digital
marketing company wants to hire a versatile writer so they can
handle a myriad of tasks instead of being limited to one type of
written content.

PPC Professionals

PPC professionals can help generate revenue for nearly any
client with a quality product at the right price. The best
professionals can still convert despite the quality of a product
for a short period. Demonstrated results over time should be looked
at critically. As PPC trends have changed, has your applicant
adapted and thrived? If the answer is yes, then you should feel
confident in hiring this person. Make sure that budgets they have
worked with align with yours as smaller companies might not have
the budget a huge corporation has for a particular product/service
to be marketed.

Social Media Gurus

Social media professionals differ vastly in their expertise and
content creation prowess. There are those that have handled
accounts for smaller businesses but handling a number of larger
brands is a completely different task. Asking to see results that
were garnered for previous clients or at other roles is essential.
The last thing a digital marketing company wants to do is to hire a
person that doesn’t even know how to schedule tweets on Hootsuite
or cannot dive deep into social media analytics.

A Number of Freelancers to Scale

Freelancers are going to be needed to
scale projects whether the copywriters edit content written by them
or designers put the finishing touches on a freelancer’s project.
Finding a healthy number of freelancers that can help can allow a
digital marketing company to grow without a hitch. Working a number
of contracts can result in a full-time hire but keep in mind a
number of freelancers enjoy it due to the flexibility it grants
them. Look at the various platforms that are boiling over with
talent especially due to the loss of jobs on account of the
Coronavirus pandemic.

Hiring should be done slowly and firing done quickly. Give new
employees an adjustment period to produce at reasonable levels.
Hopeless cases simply waste money for subpar production but take
solace in consistent improvement over time. You never will make all
of the right hires but it is time to improve the quality of average
hire immensely at your digital marketing agency. 

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