How to Write Content that Inspires Action

It’s tempting for marketers to focus more on content promotion
than content creation. Considering many individuals judge the
success of a marketing campaign based on the number of clicks,
likes, shares, and views their content pieces garner, the practice
of prioritizing
over substance is understandable. Yet, content that
doesn’t elicit some sort of reaction from the reader will
ultimately prove ineffective. After all, content marketers and
copywriters are always trying to get their audience to download
something, visit a storefront, or buy a product. To that end, here
are three proven ways to build content that motivates consumers to
heed your calls-to-action.

Trade Info for Loyalty

is the essential element of every good business
relationship. This is especially true for consumers who are
researching a product or service they don’t quite understand.
Companies that offer in-depth articles on their site and provide
objective analysis will win a consumer’s loyalty –– even if
they don’t immediately gain their business. The wonderful thing
about most marketing content is that it’s evergreen –– i.e.,
it remains useful over long periods of time. In that sense a
well-written blog can truly be the gift that keeps on giving!

Construct with Care

Online consumers don’t want to have to hunt for information.
The massive edge
ecommerce stores
have over brick-and-mortar locations is, of
course, convenience. However, if your content offers aren’t
structured correctly, and if your website is difficult to navigate,
you’ll struggle to retain many visitors. One good rule of thumb
to follow for long-form content is the Wikipedia test. Wikipedia
boasts an easy-to-follow setup and a seamless navigation strategy.
Just think how easy it is to find pages on related subjects on
Wikipedia and you’ll have a good idea of how best to arrange your
own page layout.

Incentivize Action

Most blog posts end with some variety of call-to-action (CTA).
Regardless of whether you’re trying to motivate someone to visit
an ecommerce store or a
local testing center
, copywriters need to incentivize their
CTAs. It may be obvious to you why a given consumer would benefit
from medical advice or a new widget, but it’s not always so clear
cut to the general public. What’s more, be sure to inject some
urgency into your writing. Let your readers know that they stand to
gain a clear advantage (or can avoid a major setback) by acting
now. Many decisions made online carry a degree of impulsiveness, so
keep that in mind when tailoring blog posts. Work that lacks a
sense of immediacy simply won’t generate the leads or conversions
businesses need to grow.

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How to Write Content that Inspires Action