How to Replay a Snapchat


Snapchat made a name for itself thanks to its non-shareable, disappearing images and videos. To this day, it’s still very difficult to grab a screenshot of a Snapchat. There are workarounds, but if Snapchat catches you, your account could be suspended or banned.

However, just because you can’t indefinitely keep the snaps you receive doesn’t mean there aren’t some ways to enjoy the content for a second time. That’s right—it’s possible to replay a Snapchat!

How to Replay a Snapchat

Before we go any further, make sure you’re using Snapchat version or later. If you’re running an older version, the feature will not be available to you.

Also, note that you can no longer buy Snapchat replays. Snapchat has stopped selling them. If you have some unused purchased replays, they are still valid.

Once you’ve confirmed that you’re using the newest version of the app, just follow the simple step-by-step instructions below to replay snaps you have received.

  1. Make sure you’ve viewed the snap at least once. You won’t see the replay option if you haven’t.
  2. When you have watched the snap once, stay in the inbox. If you leave the inbox, you will not be able to access the replays.
  3. Tap and hold on the snap you want to replay.
  4. The snap icon will fill up.
  5. Select Tap to view to watch the snap for a second time.

The good news is that Snapchat no longer limits you to one replay per day; you can watch all the snaps you receive twice.

It’s also important to know that if the person sent you a private chat, they will know you have replayed it; it is impossible to replay snaps secretly.

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How to Replay a Snapchat