How to Measure Your Brand Awareness in a Digital World

How to Measure Your Brand Awareness in a Digital World

What is a brand?

A brand is not just a logo and text. It is not just running paid
ads all over about your company or product. A brand is about the
story you tell to all.

It actually consists of expectations, memories, stories, and
relationships. We can call these four elements the building block
of a brand.

When a proper blend of these four elements influences a
consumer’s decision to choose one product over another, then that
blend is called Brand.

Measuring brand awareness

Measuring brand awareness and exposure depends mostly on the
context of your business. In general, there are a few important
metrics you can check regularly to measure your online brand
awareness success. I will discuss here the metrics you can check
from time to time to get an idea about your brand strength.

Google Trends

Google trends is a very useful free tool to know the popular
trends of your brand. It is very easy to use. Just go to and search for your brand name and products.

Here is an example – I am searching here to find out the
popularity of Jeff Bullas.

Google Trends for measure brand awareness

Below is a report on the past 12 months:

Brand search of popularity report for measure brand awareness

To get a more clear picture, search trends over a few years. The
longer the time, the more visible the trend line.

Look at this trend, there was a spike in the popularity of my
searched brand name from April 2014 to October 2015.

Jeff Bullas trend for measure brand awareness

All the data is meaningless if you can not ask the right
question. You have to take insights from the data. Google’s
evangelist Avinash Kaushik often says that it’s not the ink,
it’s the think. I love this line.

Here, looking at this trend graph, I have to ask why there was a
spike in that period? I would want to find that out and get
insights to implement in my strategy.

From Google Trends, you can also compare your brand search
popularity to your competitors. Here is an example, I picked the
name Darren Rowse to compare with the brand name Jeff Bullas:

Darren Rowse vs Jeff Bullas for measure brand awareness

Google alerts

You can add your brand name and related keywords to Google
alerts. Google will notify you by email when the search engine
indexes a page that matches your set brand name or related

To set Google alerts, visit in your

Enter a search term – it could be your brand name, product
name, etc – for the topic you want to get noticed.

Google Alerts for measure brand awareness

You can narrow the alert to how often you want to get it, by
specific source, language, and/or region. Click on ‘Show
options’ to specify your choice. Google will send you alerts

Show Option for Google alert for measure brand awareness

Select ‘Create Alert’.

You will receive alerts in your email, like this:

Jeff Bullas for Google Alert for measure brand awareness

You can unsubscribe or edit the alert keyword anytime you

Direct traffic in Google Analytics

Generally, direct traffic in Google Analytics is when a user
enters a URL into their browser or comes to a website directly from
a saved bookmark. When Google Analytics cannot determine the
referring source or channel of that session, they call it direct

Direct traffic is a good metric to measure to understand your
brand marketing success and brand strength.

For example, here is the direct traffic of my personal Bengali
language blog:

Looking at the Direct Traffic Metric on Google Analytics for measure brand awarenessIf you click on the direct
traffic, you will get a detailed report about where the traffic is
coming from and which landing pages it is coming to.

Traffic Report for measure brand awareness

Organic search

To find organic search keywords, you can go Acquisition >
Overview > Organic Search in Google Analytics. It will show you
how organic keywords are contributing to your total web
. You can also find how branded keywords are

Paid search traffic

In Google Analytics, go to Acquisition > All channels >
Paid search for a breakdown of paid search traffic.

Also, you can get data on branded traffic from the search
console section of your Google Analytics.

Paid marketing works to raise brand awareness, from a brand
marketing perspective it is called aided brand awareness. You can
measure your aided brand marketing success from the paid search
traffic metric.

For a more detailed analysis of paid search traffic, you can use
the free tool
. Here is an example of the Finteza paid search

Paid Search Traffic for measure brand awareness

Branded keywords from Google Keyword Planner

You can use the free tool, Google keyword planner, to find the
search volume of your branded keywords. It is very easy to use.


  1. Go to Google Ads.
  2. Select tools. After that, keyword planner.

Branded keyword from Google Keyword Planner for measure brand awareness

  1. Click on find new keywords.

Find new keywords for measure brand awareness

  1. You can search your keywords to find the search volume data,
    also you can find search volume data for any other keywords and
    compare your competitor’s keywords with your keywords. An
    example, I searched here for Jeff Bullas and weDevs:

Keyword Ideas for measure brand awareness

Using social listening to measure brand awareness

is a great place to know which people are talking about
your brand. On Twitter, you can simply search using your brand’s
hashtag to see how many recent tweets are there about you. There is
no one simple way to measure social listening, but we can use a few
very useful tools to measure social media brand strength.

Social Mention

Social Mention is
real-time social media research and analysis tool. Using this tool
you can get an idea of your social media brand strength, also of
your competitors.

Search with your brand name. You will get a detail report on
strength, sentiment, passion and reach.


Using this tool you
can analyze your social media like and share count for any
particular URL. You can search your company’s homepage and
compare it with your competitor’s homepage to get a comparative
picture of your social media strength.

Analyze Words

This is a lingo-psychological tweet analysis tool. This tool is
very different from others. It can show your brand’s
psychological presence on Twitter using the words in your tweets.
This tool analyzes your tweets in three sections: Emotional style,
Social style, and thinking style. An analysis of @Jeffbullas,
Analyze Words for measure brand awareness

Use this tool for a detailed
analysis of any twitter profile. In my opinion, it is very useful
for analyzing your competitors twitter profiles. You can get a lot
of useful data using this tool.

An example:

Tweet Analysis for measure brand awareness

Checking your backlink profile

You can check the quality of your backlinks, link influence
score, industry wise backlinks, etc using the free tool openlinkprofiler. 
Checking Backlink Profile for measure brand awareness

Guest Author: Muradul Islam is the VP of growth
at weDevs, where he manages growth teams and growth strategies. He
loves data analysis, and finding out insights from them. He is the
editor of Home My
. If you need any help regarding digital marketing, you
can find him on twitter: @Muradt20

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