How to get More Email Signups with Instagram Marketing

With over 3.5 billion social media users
worldwide, it’s no doubt that the popularity of social media
platforms is on the rise. More and more people use these platforms
to keep in touch with friends and family, find out more about new
products, and connect with brands.

However, email marketing is still the most preferred way to
receive updates from brands. According to Hubspot’s Ultimate List of
Email Marketing Stats
, 99% of people check their email every
day and 73% of customers want businesses to contact them via

Email signups with Instagram marketing

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As you can see, modern customers are active on social media, but
they want brands to contact them via email. What is more, social
media marketing and email marketing can go hand in hand, and using
Instagram marketing can be a great way to get more email

Why Should You Use Instagram Marketing for Email Signups

With the growing popularity of Instagram, it’s no wonder that
more and more companies use Instagram for business
. When done right, Instagram helps to reach your
target audience, build brand awareness, increase brand loyalty and
trust, and boost ecommerce sales. However, here are three main
reasons why you should use it for email signups, too:

  • Your target audience is on the platform: As of
    June 2018, Instagram reached over one billion people on the
    platform. No matter what your business niche is, whether you’re a
    B2C or B2B company, your target audience is definitely on
  • Instagrammers are highly-engaged: Having a
    great following means nothing unless your followers are engaged.
    Since Instagram has the highest engagement rate,
    it’s more likely you can start a conversation with your target
    audience on this social media platform.
  • People are ready to connect with brands:
    Believe it or not, Instagrammers want to interact with their
    favorite brands on the platform. In fact, 90% of users follow at least one
    business on the platform which means people are open to
    conversation with brands on Instagram. In other words, they can
    share their emails with your brand if needed. 

Now that you know Instagram is a perfect place to find your target audience,
start a conversation with potential customers, and encourage them
to share their emails, let’s find out actionable ways to get more
email signups.

5 Ways to Get More Email Signups with Instagram Marketing 1.
Promote Lead Magnets in the Bio

No matter how many Instagram followers you have, every account
can add one clickable link in the bio section. For brands, this
means a great opportunity to drive website traffic and gather email
signups with ease. 

Moreover, an Instagram bio is a visit card that helps users
decide whether they want to follow your business or not. And if you
want to get email signups, it’s important to find out creative ways to grab the
attention of your visitors (and followers) with lead magnets.

Here’s how Little Extras Lifestyle uses its bio section to
encourage Instagram visitors to sign up to the email list:

And here’s another example from FabFitFun. The company has
developed a membership that allows people to get a curated
subscription box quarterly. To get more email signups, FabFitFun
promotes its box in the bio section with the help of a strong call
to action:

To get more email signups, use your bio section to explain to
your Instagram visitors and followers why they should be on your
list. And if you offer something valuable to your potential
customers in exchange for their email addresses, it’s more likely
they will sign up. Thus, keep your target audience in mind when
thinking about the best lead magnets for growing your email

2. Add an Email Contact Button

The popularity of social media platforms has changed consumer
behavior. Today, more and more people use social media to get in
touch with brands. According to Sprout Social, 46% of consumers have
used social to “call out” brands and 55% of customers contact
brands to get a resolution or response. 

Simply put, your customers may want to contact you on Instagram,
and it’s important to give them an opportunity to do it fast. For
example, if you run an Instagram business profile, you can add
contact information (phone number, email address, and directions).
To grow your email list, you can include your email address so that
customers can get in touch with you via email, like how Forbes did

Once you get an email from an Instagram follower, listen to your
customer and solve his or her problem. However, don’t forget to
upload new contacts to your email list.

3. Share the Benefits of Being on Your List

Here comes the ugly truth: spam emails are irritating and
time-consuming, so modern people are careful when subscribing to
email lists. To encourage your followers to become subscribers,
it’s important to share the benefits of being on your list.

Most people love free stuff, so sharing exclusive offers to your
email list subscribers is a proven way to grow your list fast. For
example, I Am They band encourages its Instagram followers to join
the email list for news, updates, new music, and more:

And if you have a loyal following, you can write a post to
promote your newsletter so that your followers can be the first to
know more about your company. Just check out how Van Gogh Museum
did it:

Whether you share time-limited discounts or let your email
subscribers be the first to learn more about your company, it’s
important to offer something valuable for your customers who are
doubting whether they want to join your email list or not.

4. Run a Giveaway

People love interactive and engaging content, so it’s no
wonder that Instagram giveaways get higher engagement rates than
other posts. Thus, running a giveaway is a great way to encourage
your followers to share their email addresses as it’s you who
decides on the prize and the participation requirements. After all,
most people are happy to submit their contact information in
exchange for a chance to get something valuable for free. 

Let’s take a look at an example of this strategy in action
from Pet Con Official. To spread the word about the giveaway, the
company collaborated with Louboutina, a pet influencer:

Doubtless, the above-mentioned example targets a niche-specific
audience. But if you want to get more participants, you can choose
gift certificates as the prizes to let
your potential winners decide on the gifts. Not only can you
provide your followers with the flexibility of choice that helps to
attract more participants, but you can also understand your target
audience better by analyzing what products they choose.

5. Collect Emails via Instagram Stories

Over the last few years, Instagram Stories have gained in
popularity, and over 500 million people create or watch this
ephemeral content daily. With a short lifespan of 24 hours,
Instagram Stories create a sense of urgency that keeps people

Want to know the best part? You can interact with your engaged
followers and collect emails via Instagram Stories. Look: Once you
have 10k+ followers on the platform, you get access to a valuable
Instagram Stories feature,
the swipe-up link, that allows you to add one clickable link every
time you create Instagram Stories.

If you want to grow your email list, link back to your landing
page that includes a signup form, just like Tailwindapp did it:

If you’re just starting out on Instagram and you don’t have
access to the swipe-up feature, collaborate with brand ambassadors who have over 10k
followers as they can spread the word about your email list and
provide their followers with solid reasons to sign up for your


Today, Instagram has a great variety of business-specific
features that allow brands of all sizes and niches to achieve
business goals. And if you want to grow your email list, there are
many ways to turn your Instagram followers (and visitors) into

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