Get Ready For Video In 2021: Watch 5 Creative Examples of B2B Marketing on YouTube

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Smiling man against a creative colorful background image. What’s new at YouTube, and how are B2B
marketers using the world’s largest video platform in creative
and engaging campaigns? Let’s take a look! Google’s omnipresent
YouTube brought in revenue of over $15 billion in 2019, has over
two billion monthly active users (MAUs), and by some estimates is
considered as the world’s number two search engine, making it
nearly inescapable for B2B marketers seeking to host and promote
video content. While not necessarily out of this world, YouTube’s
orbit casts a wide swath in the B2B marketing universe. Planets VisualCapitalist Image
During the pandemic, video and webinar content has seen the largest
increase in views according to recently-released PathFactory survey
data, leading the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) to
suggest that “Now
Is the Time for B2B Content
.” 64 percent of B2B
buyers have increased their use of online video during the
, according to newly-released report
from Google and Ipsos, which has also showed a whopping
88 percent increase in the usage of digital marketing
. Think With Google Chart Another
study by MediaPost and Bombora also saw increased interest in video
during the global health crisis — a move that’s not surprising
considering the power of video to drive authentic engagement in as
little time as possible, as we’ll see in our five examples from
B2B firms using YouTube in creative ways. First, however, let’s
look into the latest news surrounding YouTube. What’s New At
YouTube? YouTube just launched a beta trial of its new YouTube
15-second vertical video creation function — presently
only for users in India with a global rollout planned — joining
Instagram’s recent test of its similar
Instagram Reels
capability. YouTube Shorts Image These short
video features squarely spring from the popularity of TikTok, and
have come at a time when the beleaguered company — now sought
for acquisition by Oracle
* — has faced significant challenges
with its U.S. operations. Oracle’s proposed deal with TikTok —
owned by ByteDance, its parent company in China — has met with

initial approval by some advertisers
. Oracle, which has
recently forged partnerships with firms including Zoom, may at
first seem like an odd fit for the acquisition of an app dedicated
to short-form video creation and sharing, however should it succeed
in controlling TikTok’s U.S. operations it would undoubtedly lend
a significant infusion of enterprise-level business exposure. That
could pave the way for increased B2B use of the type of short
videos that can be created with TikTok, Instagram Reels, and
YouTube Shorts, and with ever-more content being viewed on
smartphones, vertical video undoubtedly has a massive audience.
YouTube — which said that its Shorts feature provides a way to
“discover, watch and create short, vertical videos on the YouTube
app.” — has allowed users worldwide to upload short vertical
video using the #Shorts hashtag, which will feature Shorts videos
on YouTube’s coveted homepage. YouTube Shorts video can include
music and feature multiple segments and playback speeds, along with
timers for recording hands-free video, the firm said. The rise of
vertical video brought on by TikTok and now Instagram and YouTube
may end up making the format another standard digital asset for B2B
marketing design teams, with its own strengths in areas such as
mobile, and weaknesses in others such as display on traditional
desktop and non-smartphone devices. On the advertising front,
YouTube is planning to launch engaged-view conversions (EVC)
metrics by the end of the year, bringing data on viewers who watch
at least 10 seconds of a video ad and subsequently click away, yet
nonetheless end up converting within a set number of days, YouTube
. “By the end of the year, we will make engaged-view
conversions a standard way of measuring conversions for TrueView
skippable in-stream ads, local campaigns and app campaigns,”
Nicky Rettke,
YouTube director and product manager of YouTube Ads, explained in a
on the Google Ads & Commerce Blog. On the
live-streaming front, YouTube has continued to embrace the
multi-billion dollar esports vertical —� which is comprised of
more than 400 million players globally — offering a number of
advertising opportunities for certain B2B brands. Whether 2021 will
see more B2B brands sponsoring esports players or events remains to
be seen, however B2B marketers may be taking a closer look at
opportunities in esports, as Rosalyn Page recently examined
in “What
Brands Need to Know about Esports
.†Live-streaming has also
gained momentum in the relatively new area of streaming e-commerce,
backed by firms including Amazon, and as Bloomberg News recently

, the practice is expected to generate more than $100
billion in global sales in 2020. While more video is being watched
than ever due to the pandemic, a significant amount of video seen
on social media timelines is viewed with the sound turned off,
making it more important than ever to ensure all video content has
quality subtitling available along with a #Captioned hashtag. A
good resource for information about video captioning for YouTube
and elsewhere is Meryl
, an acknowledged “#Captioned pusher†and a fellow
former bulletin board system SysOp. In B2B marketing, YouTube video
content doesn’t necessarily always need to be traditional camera
footage, as alternative formats such as animation are becoming
easier to create than ever before, as Victor Blasco,
chief executive of Yum Yum Videos recently explored in “Making
Animated Marketing Videos That Engage Customers
.†Now let’s
jump-cut to five recent examples of B2B marketers using YouTube to
tell creative and engaging video stories. 1 — HP’s Dear Future
Me In more ways than one
storytelling is truly at the heart of powerful marketing messages,
as witnesses in spades in HP’s new “Dear Future Me†video
campaign, which offers a heartwarming spin on the practice of
writing a letter to your future self, chronicling the stories of
six recent high school graduates who wrote themselves such letters
six years ago, when they were in the sixth grade. As part of the
campaign, HP’s landing page
for the initiative
offers a downloadable PDF form where anyone
can write their own letter, and incorporates a “We can’t wait
to meet the future you†message to end the first of the two-part
series of mini-documentary videos. The second episode lets current
sixth graders write letters to their future 2026 selves, and shows
them telling their own stories centered around the challenges of
the pandemic. “Just try to remember: if you got through this
year, you can get through anything,†one student encourages her
future self. HP’s YouTube video descriptions for the series
include handy links to the other video in the series, along with an
extra link to subscribe to the firm’s channel — a simple yet
often-overlooked practice that allows viewers who may have over
years trained themselves to ignore YouTube’s own ubiquitous red
“Subscribe†button. 2 — Adobe’s Honor Heroes Adobe’s* “Honor Heroes†campaign, a
collaborative global artistic effort to help support the battle
against COVID-19, is centered around a single minute of video that
has to date tallied nearly 3.5 million views. During that one
minute the work of artists and other creative people is shown, each
piece inspired by the pandemic. On Adobe’s YouTube channel the
video’s description includes the campaign’s hashtag
#HonorHeroes, and a link leading to a section of Adobe’s website
with an image of each of the 116 people chosen as heroes, and a
link to their respective Instagram profiles. The campaign’s video
is also playable from the page. Adobe ties the page into their own
Instagram account as well, encouraging page visitors to see more
about the heroes campaign using the same hashtag this time to link
to their Instagram profile and specifically those posts utilizing
the campaign hashtag — a technique that can be effectively used
to move customers to content on various brand social media
channels. The campaign was also
featured on the company’s blog
, offering additional context
about the campaign with insight from some of those involved, a
donation link to the Direct Relief organization, and an embedded
instance of the campaign’s YouTube video. 3 — Constant
Contact’s Power Hour Constant Contact
regularly publishes video content to its YouTube channel —
sometimes releasing up to 12 videos weekly — making it an
important part of the firm’s social media efforts. Recent videos
have included answering frequent customer questions, spotlight
videos on businesses using the platform, a “Pro Series Power Hourâ€
featuring ABC’s Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary
, customer
success stories, and a visual series dedicated to using various
elements of the firm’s service. For Kevin O’Leary’s video,
Constant Contact has used a detailed description of the spot, with
a link to learn more on their website’s
along with links to five of the firm’s social media
profiles. 4 — Deloitte’s A World Reimagined In Deloitte’s
“A World Reimagined: The
2020 Global Millennial Survey
†video, the effects of the
pandemic on young people in the millennial and Gen Z demographic
are visualized and brought to life, highlighting their energy for
building a better world. In addition to watching the video, a

for the campaign allows visitors to download the
related report — which surveyed more than 18,000 millennials and
Gen Zs across 43 countries — view a replay of the initial
live-stream video event related to the effort, and offers an
infographic for download and sharing. The site also includes a
Twitter stream of tweets centered around the campaign’s
#MillennialSurvey hashtag. Deloitte also successfully uses YouTube
for its “Life
at Deloitte
†series of company culture videos, using
storytelling to
build empathy and trust
, a tactic MarketingProfs explored
recently in “Five
Tips for Making Company-Culture Videos That Captivate Your
Customers’ Hearts
.†5 — Ernst & Young’s Megatrends 2020
& Beyond In its “EY Megatrends 2020 and Beyondâ€
video, Ernst & Young looks ahead to future trends and their
overall larger meaning — one of its numerous YouTube channel videos
exploring the firm’s service offerings and helpful
financial-related insight. Ernst & Young also uses its YouTube
profile to share how it has responded to COVID-19, to announce its
world entrepreneur of the year, and to archive its live-streaming
video from LinkedIn* Live. Maliha Aqeel, director of global
communications at Fix Network World and former assistant director
of brand marketing and communications at Ernst & Young, sat
down with our senior content marketing manager Joshua Nite to share a look at
the role of B2B company culture in driving employee and customer
satisfaction, in “Break
Free B2B Series: Maliha Aqeel on How to Ace B2B Company
.” [bctt tweet=”Marketers and communicators within
organizations have to take the charge. Our job is to take all of
those values and say, ‘Here’s how it could look. Here’s how the
intangible becomes tangible.’ @MalihaQ on #CorporateCulture
#BreakFreeB2B” username=”toprank”] Snap A New B2B Take On Creative
YouTube Marketing
YouTube offers much more to marketers than simply
being the default spot to host and play back video, with ample
social features for B2B brands to highlight other channels to
follow, threaded viewer commenting if wanted, the forthcoming
YouTube Shorts format, an ever-increasing number of ad formats and
placement options, and remains a powerful platform for B2B
to engage their audience. We hope you’ve gained at
least a few new ideas from looking at the latest news about
YouTube, and that you’ll find inspiration from the five fine
examples we’ve explored from HP, Adobe, Constant Contact, Deloitte,
and Ernst & Young. Video is only one facet of a well-rounded
B2B marketing strategy, yet one that plays an important role in
campaigns that attract, engage, and convert. Find out why firms
including Adobe, LinkedIn, SAP, AT&T, Dell, 3M and others have
chosen to work with TopRank Marketing — drop us a line. *
Oracle, Adobe, and LinkedIn are TopRank Marketing clients.  

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