Focusing on the Future

The reason that many people are focused on the future is due to
the detriment this nation has had. Over two hundred thousand people
lost their lives due to COVID-19. Many like Alexander Djerassi, are excited to
see what the future will bring. The best way to remain positive is
through self-reflection. When a person is only concentrated on the
negatives it can be difficult to see the possibilities the future
has. With 2021 coming sooner than people expect, it is clear that
there is a lot to focus on. For example, when a person is
categorizing all the negatives that happened it shouldn’t be for
the wrong reasons. By self-reflecting and talking about the past as
a way of growing a person can dig deep and see what there is to
look forward to in the future. As more and more people are eager to
start the new year, it goes without saying to have gratitude. Those
who lost their lives in 2020 should be respected and their legacies
should live through everyone who survived.

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Focusing on the Future