Facebook Revamps Its Privacy Checkup Tool

Facebook has revamped its Privacy Checkup tool. It has been expanded to include more options, but also simplified to make it easier to use. The overall effect is a genuinely useful tool that all Facebook users should check periodically.

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Facebook’s Privacy Settings Nightmare

Facebook first launched its Privacy Checkup tool in 2014. At the time it was seen as a simple way to get people to change their privacy settings. Because Facebook’s settings are notoriously complex and change so often that it’s difficult to keep track.

Facebook keeps tweaking its privacy settings, but people still don’t check them regularly. This despite Facebook’s security issues in recent years. However, as outlined on the Facebook Newsroom, the social network has now revamped its Privacy Checkup.

What’s In Facebook’s New Privacy Checkup

Now, Facebook’s Privacy Checkup cover four basic sections. All of which are important…

Who Can See What You Share lets you review and edit who can see your Facebook presence. This includes the information listed on your profile and posts. You can also see who you have previously blocked, and add anyone you want to block anew.

How to Keep Your Account Secure will advise you whether you need to strengthen the security of your account. If you do, you’ll see tips for choosing a new password. You’ll also be able to change where Facebook sends notifications if it detects unusual activity.

How People Can Find You on Facebook informs you how you can be found on Facebook. By default, people can find you very easily and send you friend requests, so if you want to remain in the shadows on Facebook, review these settings carefully.

Your Data Settings on Facebook is possibly the most crucial element of all. This deals with the information you’re sharing with other apps and websites. And it’s best to keep this to a minimum at all times, removing any apps or websites you no longer use.

How to Access Your Facebook Privacy Checkup

To access Facebook’s Privacy Checkup, go to Facebook.com/Privacy/Checkup. Or click the hamburger menu > Privacy Shortcuts > Review a few important privacy settings. Facebook is rolling out the new Privacy Checkup now, so if you can’t see it, be patient.

Any steps Facebook makes to improve the privacy and security of its users is welcome. Why? Because, to put it bluntly, Facebook is a security and privacy nightmare. So do yourself a favor and use Facebook’s Privacy Checkup tool as soon as possible.

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Facebook Revamps Its Privacy Checkup Tool