Encouraging User Generated Content Should Be a Pillar of Your Instagram Strategy

Instagram is a powerful platform for social media marketing. One
entrepreneur built a six-figure business off of
it. Unfortunately, it also has a steep learning curve. The good
news is that restructuring your strategy can help you get the hang
of Instagram more quickly. One option is to consider shifting
towards a user generated content strategy.�

Most Instagram marketers focus on creating their own content.
The problem with this approach is that branded content and
professionally curated content can make you look less genuine,
which hurts your engagement rate. 

You will need to invest more time and resources to nurture a
strategy around user generated content instead. However, it is well
worth the investment, because The ROI will be massive. Data from
Starbucks showed that 61% of customers are more willing to make purchases from user generated

How can you create a user generated content strategy with
Instagram? Here are some ideas that you may want to try. They can
help you build your brand or even become an influencer

Use hashtags to create a trend 

Aerie is a women’s fashion company that developed a very
successful user generated content strategy back in 2017. They
started a hashtag called #UGCgoals. The hashtag was accompanied by
a post calling for followers to post unfiltered photos of
themselves in swimwear. They pledged to donate $1 for every image
to the National Eating Disorders Association. This post was
remarkably successful. It received 14,906 likes.

Art Mash is another organization that used this strategy very
effectively. They created the #Procreate to encourage artists to
post higher volumes of unique products. Art Mash got 5,373 likes in
just six days. 

This shows that you can create a strong user generated content
marketing campaign with an enticing hashtag and a clear

Connect with the right influencers 

Influencer marketing is a remarkably successful way to get
traction on social media. One survey found that 25% of marketers plan to spend over
$100,000 on influencer marketing this year. 

However, influencer marketing is only effective if you implement
it correctly. The first thing that you need to do is come up with
the right goal. You should consider creating an influencer
marketing campaign dedicated to attracting user generated content
for your Instagram profile. 

You also need to make sure that you choose the right influencers to
support your campaign. Here are some tips to align your user
generated content strategy with the best influencers: 

  • Pay more attention to engagement metrics than follower
    . Far too many marketers obsess about follower count,
    whether they are analyzing their own profile or the profile of an
    influencer that they want to partner with. Follower count matters
    more on Instagram than on Pinterest, but it is still not nearly as
    important as engagement. A lot of influencers pay for fake
    followers to make their account seem more important. If these
    accounts don’t have good engagement rates, then that means their
    content is not going to rank high in the Instagram feed. On the
    other hand, their content will get a lot more visibility if they
    have high engagement scores. 
  • Make sure the account is relevant to your
    . Some influencers have massive reach, but that
    doesn’t mean that their content is relevant to your brand. Take a
    look at many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. They charge
    several hundred thousand dollars for a single share on social
    media. However, that won’t provide much value to your brand if
    their followers aren’t interested in what you have to offer. You
    are better off finding lesser known influencers with a more
    targeted audience.

You also need a strong call-to-action to encourage users to
submit user generated content. Make sure that it is something that
a prominent influencer will be able to get on board with and that
their followers will find appealing.

Solicit feedback on Content about your employees 

IBM came up with a highly engaging user generated content
marketing strategy. They created content showing their workers
behind the scenes of the company. Content with a clear human
element tends to get a lot more visibility on social media. 

You could follow a similar approach. You might want to create an
image of your employees working closely together and ask customers
to share their input.

A Strong User Generated Content Strategy Can Transform Your
Instagram Campaigns

Instagram marketing is remarkably effective. However, you need
the right content strategy. User generated content can be very
useful, so you should try to leverage it to its fullest

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Encouraging User Generated Content Should Be a Pillar of
Your Instagram Strategy