Elementor: A Fantastic Editor for Designing Beautiful WordPress Pages and Posts

Elementor WordPress Editor

This afternoon, I took a few hours and built my first client
site using Elementor. If you’re in the WordPress industry,
you’ve probably already heard the buzz about Elementor, they’ve
just hit 2 million installations! My friend Andrew, who operates
NetGain Associates, told me
about the plugin and I’ve already bought an unlimited license to
implement it everywhere!

WordPress has been feeling the heat on its relatively barbaric
editing capabilities. They recently updated to Gutenberg, a
block-level editor that does provide some additional
functionality… but it’s no where close to the paid alternatives
on the market. In all honesty, I hope they just purchase one of
these more advanced plugins.

For the last couple years, I’ve been utilizing Avada for all of
my clients. The theme is elegantly constructed, utilizing a
combination of both theme and plugin to maintain formatting
capabilities. It’s both well-supported and has some fantastic
elements that previously required development or purchases.

Elementor is
different because it’s only a plugin and can seamlessly work with
virtually any theme. On the site I built for this client today, I
just used a base theme that the Elementor team recommended, the
Hello Theme

I was able to build a fully responsive site with sticky menus,
footer regions, customized landing pages, and form integration…
right out of the box. It did take a little bit of getting used to
Elementor’s hierarchy, but once I understood the templating,
section capability, and elements, I was able to drag and drop the
entire site within a few minutes. It saved me days of time and I
didn’t have to edit a single line of code nor CSS!

WordPress Popup Publishing Rules and Designs

It’s not often a plugin comes with such incredible
capabilities, but with Elementor, you can set conditions, triggers,
and advanced rules for how you want popups to publish… all in an
easy interface:

Popup Triggers

The designer is quite phenomenal, and they even provide some
off-the shelf examples for you to design!

  • WordPress Popup
  • WordPress Contact Popup
  • WordPress Ecommerce Popup
  • WordPress Login Popup
  • WordPress Subscribe Popup
  • WordPress Popup

In Addition to the Popup Functionality, Marketing Features Include

  • Action Links – Easily connect with your
    audience via WhatsApp, Waze, Google Calendar & more apps
  • Countdown Widget�– Increase the sense of
    urgency by adding a countdown timer to your offer.
  • Form Widget – Goodbye backend! Create all
    your forms live, right from the Elementor editor.
  • Landing Pages â€“Creating and managing landing
    pages has never been this easy, all within your current WordPress
  • Rating Star Widget – Add some social proof
    to your website by including a star rating and styling it to your
  • Testimonial Carousel Widget – Increase your
    business’ social proof by adding a rotating testimonial carousel
    of your most supportive customers.

Limitations of Elementor

It’s not a perfect plugin, though. I’ve run into a few
limitations that you should understand:

  • Custom Post Types – While you can have
    Custom Post Types on your Elementor site, you can not use the
    Elementor Editor to style those post types. One workaround for this
    is to use post categories to control the site throughout.
  • Blog Archive – While you can make a
    beautiful blog archive page with Elementor, you cannot point to
    that page in your WordPress settings! If you do, your Elementor
    page will break. This is a really bizarre issue that it took me
    hours to figure out. As soon as I set the blog page to none,
    everything worked fine. That’s a bummer, though because the blog
    page setting is used throughout a number of WordPress template
    functions. It’s not going to inhibit your site in any way, it’s
    just a strange issue.
  • Lightbox Support – The popup feature is
    pretty cool, but the ability to just have a button open up a
    lightbox to see a gallery or video isn’t there. However, there is
    a fantastic Essentials
    that provides this feature as well as dozens of

Integrations Include

If you’ve ever programmed integrations in WordPress, you know
how difficult it can be. Well, Elementor has pre-developed
integrations with Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Campaign
Monitor, Hubspot, Zapier, donReach, Drip, GetResponse, Adobe
TypeKit, reCAPTCHA, Facebook SDK, MailerLite, Slack and

All Elementor Features

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Elementor: A Fantastic Editor for Designing Beautiful
WordPress Pages and Posts