Digital Guru Thursdays with Neil Patel

Knowledge is a never-ending pit, as there is always something
new to fill it with. After an amazing 3-day long Instagram Growth
, it was time for yet another session packed with fun,
insights and lots of learning. Presenting to you,
#DigitalGuruThursdays with Neil

Neil has always been kind and generous to spare time when it
came to interviews
that ensured the growth and promotion of Digital Marketing. And
every time we collaborated, the response and support have been
massive, showing people’s eagerness and enthusiasm to know more
about this ever-growing industry. Hence, we are back again. This
time, it’s bigger and better.

The Whens the Wheres and the Whys

The reason behind it was simple, to educate and grow. With the
lockdown underway, people are looking for ways to upskill
themselves in various fields, and Digital Marketing was on the top
of the list. Hence, we have fixed an agenda with topics that are
widely searched right now.

Neil and I will be Live in my Instagram for 5 Thursdays in a row
at 8:30 PM starting from 30th July. So follow me and tune in to
witness this one of a kind session.

The Agenda 30th July – Social Media Marketing Ideas for Small

People have realized the value of Digital, and many small
business are slowly taking the online route. With the increase in
online brand, our first session addressed the very same theme. This
session concluded last Thursdays and Neil helped a lot of small
business to clear their doubts regarding their approach to Digital
Marketing. He spoke about various mistakes that these businesses
make, how local business with a small budget can make it big, how
to grow big on Social Media, and so much more.

6th August – How to Grow your YouTube Channel:

This lockdown has brought a lot of talents in front of the
camera. And with the TikTok ban, many have taken the route of Reels
and YouTube to showcase their talent. To all those who have or
planning to start their own YouTube channel, join us as Neil and I
discuss the various aspects and factors that go in to run and
manage a successful YouTube channel.

13th August – Digital Marketing Agency and Freelancing:

The pandemic has shown the world the true potential of Digital
and how freelancing has been a big money earner for people stuck in
their houses. With the right skills, you can learn big and earn
big. In this session, we are going to talk about the different
verticals of running, managing and sustaining an agency, and how to
grow big as a freelancer.

20th August – Making Money Online:

So what you are confined to your house, if you have the right
skill, you can always make money online. Join us as we discuss how
you can earn well through teaching, coaching, creating, working,
managing, influencing, and doing a lot more at the comfort of your

27th August – How to Drive Sales on Digital:

Where a few people are just planning to step online to boost
their business revenue, there are many others who are already
working on it but are finding it hard to generate leads and drive
sales. What are the common mistakes that you are doing? What is the
right approach? What are the tips and tricks that should be
followed? Get all the answers as Neil, and I debunk the way of
driving sales online!

Do not miss any session as who knows what knowledge gem is
hidden in somewhere that might give you your Eureka moment! So get
your notebooks ready, fix your wifi, tune into Instagram on
Thursdays at 9 and join the conversation with our Digital Guru,
Neil Patel.

Click on the link below and follow me on Instagram for regular
updates on these amazing sessions.

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