Decrypted: How Heather Adkins thinks about security

Heather was hacked and the rest is history.�

An 18-year veteran of Google’s security team, Heather
Adkins’ interest in security was sparked when the small ISP she
worked for in college suffered a data breach. Her reaction to the
incident wasn’t exactly typical:

“Most people when they get hacked, panic. There’s a sense of
fear, and a sense of unknowing. But I did not panic or have any
fear—I was really excited! I felt very curious: I wanted to know
how the attackers did this, how they managed to bypass our
security. And I fell in love with the role.â€

In our latest edition of Public Key, Google’s director of
information security discusses the details of incident detection
and response—“the function of security that looks for hackers
and kicks them out of the network,†why COVID-19 marks a turning
point in her team’s approach to securing people working and
learning from home, how medieval history informs her work, and the
future of online security.

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Decrypted: How Heather Adkins thinks about security