Customer Engagement Tactics

Customer engagement. Two words, six little syllables, and a
business tactic that, when done correctly, makes all the difference
between start-ups surviving year one and SMEs progressing to the
big leagues. If you’ve got this far in your business venture with
little to no attention to customer engagement, count yourself
lucky. In any case, your performance would no doubt benefit from a
more engaged customer base. If you need help getting started,
perhaps with finding the right marketing agency, contact a
specialist who can streamline your approach (see Otherwise,
let’s get started with some top tips on boosting your online
customer engagement methods.

Engaging content is king

Content creation can be looked over as a skill. After all,
everyone learns words at a young age and we can all do words
standing on our heads. However, unless the person tasked with
putting the content together has the characteristics of somebody
who can quickly learn about often quite specialist topics and
reproduce that knowledge in a meaningful way to a niche audience,
you have a problem. Content that engages needs to be more than a
couple of keywords in the middle of an impenetrable block of
jargon. Hire a copywriter, or ask the heads of department to help
– whatever you do, choosing to leave the content to the last
minute and expecting miracles is foolhardy.

Earn a lower bounce-rate with a quiz

If you’ve ever missed something important in the office
because you were too busy clicking on multiple choice answers to
find out what type of bread you are, you’ll know the value of
something like a quiz to keep your customers watching. Build your
quiz online today. Be
sure to include questions that can help you to understand both the
rational and emotional drivers behind your users’ motivations.
For example, “Pick one thing that makes us stand out –
price/value/quality/customer service”, and “When are you most
likely to shop – payday/evenings/weekends/when offered
discount”. Offering some sort of accompanying incentive to
complete the quiz is also beneficial – this could be anything
from a money-off offer to informing the quizzer that they are a

YouTube business account

Lights… camera… no, wait not yet not yet not yet… Yeah.
You may not quite be up to Ant n Dec presenting standards, but
that’s no reason to shy away from YouTube. Hire a presenter,
choose a sunny day, and film using your mobile phone or laptop.
We’ve all seen those videos, and there’s no shame in a quickly
produced info-vid. The takeaway from this tip is to choose a
Business Account
. The main benefit to choosing a business
account over a private account is that, whereas personal accounts
can only be accessed by one user, the business account allows for
the addition of multiple account managers. The channel can also be
customised towards your brand, meaning that whereas a personal
account is linked to your name through Google, a brand account can
be named after the business (be sure to include your business logo
and to make use of the banner space). 

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