Creativity in a crisis

As the realities of a global pandemic sank in and the UK went
into lockdown, children and young people employed their everyday
surroundings as inspiration for creativity. Kitchen tables, living
room floors and gardens were transformed into art studios. The
hand-drawn rainbows that started appearing in windows across
England in early spring were one of many signals that young people
want to be heard, and that they are able to respond to the current
crisis in an artistic way.�

Google Arts & Culture has teamed up with Arts Council England to
collect these voices and allow young people to express themselves
on a global platform. Arts Council England, dedicated to promoting
the performing, visual and literary arts in England, launched
Way I See It
at the start of the summer. Working with five
cultural organizations, they invited children and young people
across the country to stretch their creative muscles as they
responded to the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. The partner
organizations—English National
, BALTIC, Company Three, Dancefest and Heart & Soul—set out
challenges such “Lockdown
,†“This Is My
†and “Half A
Minute Movie
,†which invited 30-second films inspired by a
newly acquired skill.

I was inspired by communities coming together during lockdown
and I felt it was a good thing to document what had happened.
Ben from Birmingham, age 13

Now, Google Arts & Culture has provided the projects with a
permanent digital home. Explore this playful and personal
collection of
spoken word

visual art
and more created during lockdown, as well as new pieces
produced in response to a series of summer challenges. It’s an
engaging depiction of life in 2020 as experienced by 170 people
aged between 2 and 28 years old. Visit
to explore the whole collection. 

  • Zooming by Danielle, Arts Council England.jpg

    “Zooming” by Danielle, Arts Council England

  • Spots and Stripes by Louis, Arts Council England.jpg

    “Spots and Stripes” by Louis, Arts Council England

  • Self Portrait and Things by Savannah, Arts Council England

    “Self Portrait and Things” by Savannah, Arts Council

  • Rainbow by Matilda, Arts Council England.jpg

    “Rainbow” by Matilda, Arts Council England

  • Parents by Mia Takemoto, Edinburgh College of Art.JPG

    “Parents” by Mia Takemoto, Edinburgh College of Art

  • No Place Like Home by Esme Plumb, London College of

    “No Place Like Home” by Esme Plumb, London College of

  • CIN ! CIN ! by Ruibing Cai, Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna

    “CIN ! CIN !” by Ruibing Cai, Accademia di Belle Arti di

In addition to this collaboration with Arts Council England,
Google Arts & Culture has also worked with several European art
schools to virtually exhibit their students’ responses to the
crisis. For Room
with a View
, young artists were asked to create a piece of art
from or of their window—a fitting symbol, as windows have
functioned throughout art history as both barriers and connections
to the outside world. Students from
Accademia di Belle Arti Bologna
École Camondo
, Central
Saint Martins
London College of Fashion
Edinburgh College of Art
responded with over 150 submissions,
ranging from acrylic and oil to video. The final collection has
been curated by Amira Gad, Head of Programmes, Light Art Space (LAS), to draw out
some common themes like
New Perspectives
Reimagining Spaces
. Discover the full collection at

Source: FS – Social Media Blogs 2
Creativity in a crisis