"Buscándole:" Finding ways to help Latino small businesses

Every day for the past 47 years, my mother-in-law, who my kids
and I love to call Nana, wakes up, has her required cup of
cafecito and gets ready to go to work. She’s a hairstylist
and the owner of Carmen’s Beauty Salon in Imperial Beach,
California, and she wouldn’t give it up for anything in the
world. She’s seen her regulars for decades, cutting and styling
their hair through weddings, graduations and more.�

Carmen's Beauty Salon

My mother-in-law giving my son a trim at her salon. 

But in 2020, being a hairstylist–or any type of business
owner–is tough. She is just one of the more than
30 million small business owners
across the country who are
struggling with the impact from the global pandemic. In many cases
they are also trying to juggle other responsibilities like distance
learning, taking care of sick or elderly family members and simply
making ends meet. People like my Nana have been top of mind for me
as we all cope with our current reality.

As we kick off Hispanic Heritage Month, a time to celebrate
Latino culture, regardless of who you are or how you
identify—whether it’s Hispanic, Latinx, Mexican, Puerto Rican,
Black, Brazilian, Latino or any other way.  I also can’t help but
try to buscarle, which means to find a way around a problem
or challenge, how to help small businesses like my Nana’s hair
salon. And I’m glad to say Google is finding a way, too.

Today, we’re announcing a $3 million Google.org grant to the
Hispanics in Philanthropy
PowerUp Fund
, to directly support hundreds of Latino-owned
small businesses with access to capital and the training they need
to successfully recover and continue to grow. This grant builds on
Google’s $180 million commitment to support minority- and
women-led small businesses across the country through the Grow with Google Small
Business Fund
and Google.org Grants

We’re also providing free tools and training to help any
Latino-owned businesses adapt and grow through Grow with Google’s “Paso a
workshops and online training programs. Businesses can
sign up for our new Google Ads workshop in Spanish, a special panel
featuring resilient Latino entrepreneurs via OnAir En
 and continue their digital marketing training with
app minicourses in English or Spanish. We’re expanding our
Digital Coaches
program and kicking off a partnership with the U.S. Hispanic
Chamber of Commerce so Latino-owned businesses can get more
localized support in their communities.

Beyond helping small businesses, we have lots more in store
during Hispanic Heritage Month at Google. I encourage you to
explore our updated Latino
Cultures in the U.S.
collection within Google Arts &
Culture, where J.
Balvin can share with you the untold story behind Fernando
Botero’s “July 20th.”
 Also, be on the lookout for our
collaboration with Pop-Up Magazine, where
we’ll celebrate Latinos across the country through virtual
storytelling and art.

You’ll also see us spotlighting Latino businesses around the
country in our new “Buscándole
national campaign encouraging people to support neighborhood
businesses. And today’s Doodle features Felicitas
, a Puerto Rican American civil rights pioneer who was a
small business owner herself. Combined, we hope all these efforts
can not only celebrate the Latino community during Hispanic
Heritage Month, but also help members of our community thrive for
the long term.

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"Buscándole:" Finding ways to help Latino small