Art Zoom: Music superstars take you on a global cultural tour

The common thread between J.Balvin,Ellie
,� FKA
, Grimes,
Matt Healy from The 1975 and
Chaeyoung from TWICE
beyond being global music icons? They’re all starring in the new
season of Google Arts & Culture’s
Art Zoom
series, which takes viewers on a guided tour of some
of the world’s most famous masterpieces through the narration of
famous musicians. Through Google’s “gigapixel†Art
—a robotic camera custom-made to create the highest
possible resolution images of paintings—you can zoom into an
artwork at brushstroke-level detail and explore its hidden

This second season, our musical guides invite you to embark on a
world tour across art history starting from the European
Renaissance with Bruegel’s daunting vision of hell to Botero’s
modern Colombia and Youngkuk’s Korean mountains. 

  • Journey through Renaissance Belgium with Grimes, who
    takes us on a lively exploration of Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s
    “The Fall of Rebel
    â€â€”an apocalyptic yet comic vision of monsters
    invading Earth as angels struggle to repel them.

  • Join FKA twigs’ expedition to brighter spaces as she
    takes on Artemisia Gentileschi’s “Mary Magdalene in Ecstasy.â€
    She observes Mary Magdalene as she appears to enjoy a moment of
    peaceful oblivion. 

  • Explore love, peace and calm with Ellie Goulding through
    her musings on
    “escapism†in Julie Mehretu’s piece to “strength†with
    Yves Klein and “chaos†with Cy Twombly.

  • Fast forward in time with Matty Healy to the 20th
    century.  Starting in Italy, we dive into Piet Mondrian’s
    “Grande composizione A con
    nero, rosso, grigio, giallo e blu
    .†Healy sees this abstract
    masterpiece as an “infinite portal†of interpretations, taking
    us beyond the real world into the corners of our mind.

  • Transport to Medellin, Colombia with J.Balvin, who shares
    the untold story behind Fernando Botero’s “July 20th.†Beyond the joyful
    colors, he sheds light on the gloomy faces of the painting’s
    characters, and the role of art as a safe space in dark

  • Travel to Korea, with TWICE lead-singer Chaeyoung hiking
    to the top of Yoo Youngkuk’s “Mountain,â€
    where she questions his interpretation of nature, one made of
    strong colors, shades, flowy lines and touchable textures.

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Art Zoom: Music superstars take you on a global cultural