8 Ways to Make Money as a Content Creator

It’s time to demystify how content creators make money

As traditional influencers evolve into multi-skilled and
multi-platform content creators, we’re sharing some of the best
ways to diversify your business offerings, even in the midst of
challenging times.

From teaching a course to offering exclusive content, we’re
sharing 8 ways how content creators can make money in 2020.

8 Ways to Make Money as a Content Creator

Content creators are known to wear many hats — from
photography and videography, to online courses and webinars, even
graphic design and merchandise — they have many tools in their

But knowing how to monetize your skillset on social media can
feel daunting, especially if you’re expanding beyond a
traditional influencer offering.

Take a little stress off by developing a few new sources of
income. You’ve already done the hard work of creating your brand,
so here are some fresh ideas to help you amplify your efforts!

Making Money as a Content Creator Tip #1: Teach a Course

Online learning is where it’s at. And platforms like Skillshare and Udemy have truly democratized the way
people learn (and teach!).

Becoming a teacher on an online learning platform can help
increase your profile as a thought leader, which will help you to
build life-long, engaged followers across your channels.

And, not to mention, top-earning teachers on platforms like
Skillshare can make $100K USD per year!

From photography to fashion design to email marketing; there’s
a lane for you to teach
a virtual class
with respect to your creative content

Most virtual classes are broken into short “lessons” that
are easy to digest and understand. Becoming a teacher on an online
learning platform also helps you to increase your profile as a
thought leader, which will help you to build life-long, engaged
followers across your channels.

Want to get a feel for the content out there right now and how
you could produce your own virtual class? Skillshare is currently
offering a
2-month free trial

While there, check out the former head of content marketing at
Later Taylor Loren’s class on
finding success on Instagram

Making Money as a Content Creator Tip #2: Offer Exclusive

If you have an established community online, you can build on it
even further by offering your community exclusive content behind a

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, consider
using a paid membership platform like Patreon.

Patreon is a membership
platform for artists and creatives to make money — you can host
exclusive content for your most enthusiastic fans

Over 150,000 creatives take advantage of using the Patreon
platform to diversify their monthly income.

You may be surprised at how many of your community members would
be willing to spend $5-10 per month to receive exclusive content
from you.

The exclusive content you offer varies depending on your brand
and what your audience wants from you. You can be creative with
this — release bonus podcast episodes, BTS videos, additional
articles, vlogs, and so much more.

Put out some feelers and ask your community what they’d like
to see from you and if they’d be willing to pay monthly for
additional (and exclusive!) content.

Podcast 10 is live and a new
before/after set is up on patreon. Check it out for exclusive ad
free content and insights into how I create my photography

— Evan Ranft (@EvanRanft)
August 10, 2020

If you’re a photographer, this could be a great place to offer
custom photo presets.� If you’re a graphic designer, why not
offer exclusive phone backgrounds or Instagram
Stories templates
for your followers to download?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating
exclusive content.

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Making Money as a Content Creator Tip #3: Branded

While some influencer marketing budgets may have been cut
because of COVID-19, studies by
have shown that influencers are still able to secure great
partnerships in 2020.

In fact, engagement on sponsored content is on the rise, due to
Instagram usage skyrocketing since the beginning of the

Read more about how COVID-19 has affected brand sponsorships
and influencer marketing in
blog post

Brand sponsorships can include anything from in-feed posts on
Instagram to Reels or Instagram Stories.

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Instagram users are more likely to trust the opinion of their
favorite content creator over a brand’s corporate messaging, so
these #ad moments aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Making Money as a Content Creator Tip #4: Social Media Ads

In order to make some money, you might have to spend some. And
media advertising
is a great place to start.

You can use Facebook ads to promote content on Instagram and
Facebook alike. Facebook’s Business Manager offers numerous
different types of ads, depending on your objective.

With Facebook Ads
, you can target people who have never heard of you or
your brand. You can also target people who frequent your website
but don’t make purchases. There are countless ways to create ads
for Facebook and Instagram!

Here’s How to Make Money as a Content Creator

Give our guide to
Facebook Ads Manager
a read if you’re interested in learning

ICYMI: Instagram rolled out the launch of  IGTV ads. This
could mean more monetization features are in the works at Instagram
and Facebook.

Another advertising option is Google AdWords for sidebar and
banner ads and AdSense for YouTube

AdSense allows YouTube creators to capture a portion of revenue
from programmatic ads (think 30-second pre-roll ads, sponsored
banners, etc.).

Making Money as a Content Creator Tip #5: Consulting

Being a content creator doesn’t always mean you need to create
new content to make money.

If you want to offer your expertise but don’t want to create a
full-fledged Skillshare class, you can offer up consultation

Your followers will definitely appreciate the opportunity to
learn from you in a 1-on-1 capacity. Why not offer simple portfolio
reviews via email or take it a step further and do 1-on-1 Zoom
consulting video calls?

Just think: the 1-on-1 video call could turn into a lucrative,
long-term consulting gig with new business owners or brands who are
wanting to develop content strategies.

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8 Ways to Make Money as a Content Creator