7 Ways to Get More Comments on Instagram

Do you want to boost your Instagram engagement? Are you looking
for ways to get more comments?

Instagram’s reach is dwindling and many people are worried
about the feed becoming very Facebookesque with minimal reach.
Instagram could very well be like that in years to come. But
there’s one thing that Instagram has that Facebook doesn’t
which can play an essential role in helping you reach more

This is the explore page. If you get on it you will always
generate more engagement. 

You should aim to get featured on it every time you publish a

One way to do this is by getting more comments. As Instagram’s
algorithm gives more weight to comments than likes or impressions
when determining how good your post is. 

I have noticed this on both Facebook and Instagram. Once you get
more comments, other forms of engagement such as likes, views,
impressions, and saves will naturally follow. 

Therefore, to help you get more comments, I have shared my top
tips below…

Create engaging posts:

Getting likes is easy because all people need to do is tap. But
comments can take time as people need to think. This is why if you
want more comments you need to dig deep down and think about what
will trigger your followers to leave a comment. 

It needs to be emotional and highly relevant to your
followers’ interests. 

Spend some time going through your customer persona and think
about what makes them tick. Also, go through the accounts they
follow to see if they follow any of your competitors’. 

Next, analyze these competitors to see who gets the most
comments. This will give you a good idea about what kinds of posts
will get you comments. 

You can create similar content and use a good Instagram scheduling app to publish
your post at a time when more followers are online. 

For some ideas on creating engaging content check out this post
from Asda. 

This post got more comments than their other posts as Halloween
is at the top of every mind right. Most people won’t celebrate it
with their friends because of the current situation. And they’ll
be more likely to engage online. So, funny posts like this can
trigger emotions such as happiness and get comments. 

Ask questions:

A simple way to get more comments is by asking questions. If you
ask the right questions that are relevant to the topic of the post,
more people will leave comments. 

These answers can also help you understand your audience better
which will help you create better posts in the future. 

But remember to only ask questions when you want to increase
engagement. If you ask questions in a post that was designed to
generate sales, it can affect conversions. As this post needs to
have a call to action that asks people to buy. When you include
irrelevant calls to actions or too many of them it can lead to
decision fatigue. 

A good example can be seen in this post from Grammarly.

They asked a question in both the caption and on the photo
itself with overlay text. And the post got over a hundred

Engage back:

A mistake I see frequently on Instagram is people not responding
to comments. Your followers took the time to write a comment. The
least you can do is respond back. 

As Jessica Thiefels, mindset and marketing coach, and founder of
Marketing From the Gut, says: “When
you reply back to a comment on your post, you’re saying, ‘I see
you, I hear you, your voice is welcome here.’ In a world that
feels divisive and uncertain, that’s everything.â€

When you respond back it can lead to more comments as the
commenter will sometimes return to leave a response to your

Also, they will be more inclined to leave comments on your
future posts. 

But remember to only respond to positive comments. Some people
will leave negative comments. There’s no use wasting your time on

If you don’t have time to respond to all of them, at least try
and respond to a fixed amount. You can spend 10 minutes a day
responding or respond to 10 comments a day or another number. 

Someone who understands the importance of responding to comments
is Stella Parks at Bravetart. 

She doesn’t respond to all of the comments, but to many of
them. And her posts usually get a lot of comments. It’s because
many people know that she’ll get back to them. 

Comment on other’s posts:

Another way to get comments is by commenting on others’ posts.
When you comment on others’ posts they will check out your
profile and follow you. And they will want to return the favor by
commenting back. So whenever you have some free time, fire up
Instagram on your phone and look for posts to comment on using
hashtags and the explore page. 

Join a pod:

A quick way to find posts to comment is through pods. Pods or engagement
groups are groups of accounts on Instagram where members comment
and like each other’s posts. They usually do this as soon as
someone publishes a post. As the sooner you get those likes, the
more likely you are to be featured on the explore page. 

To get this right, you need to get comments from the most
relevant accounts. So, make sure you join the right (niche) pods
and not just anyone. 

Run a contest:

I see the most comments on tag a friend contest posts. This is
where you announce a contest on Instagram and offer an easy way to
enter. All people need to do is comment on your post and tag their

This will not only get them to tag their friend with a comment
but will also get the people who got tagged to tag more people. As
a result, the post ends up amassing hundreds and thousands of

But make sure you only offer a very relevant prize for the
contest. As you need to attract people who will want to engage with
your regular posts in the future and buy from you. If you give away
something like a car that appeals to everybody you will get
comments from anyone and everyone. 

Here’s an example of a tag a friend contest from BDHQ

View this post on Instagram

It’s our 3rd Birthday and we thought,
let’s celebrate by giving something away! 🎠. We’ll pick 3 winners (3rd birthday) . How you can WIN:
👀 . 💥 You must be a follower of @BDHQ & @avenu.u
bodegabarvictoria prize that corresponds with your name at the time
of the draw. . 💥 You must like this post. . 💥 COMMENT on THIS POST on INSTAGRAM, with your favorite GYM
PARTNER. **hint** you can comment more than once for multiple
entries. 👀 . PRIZES: 🎠1. 💥 GRAND PRIZE – 3-month BDHQ GYM MEMBERSHIP, $100 Lululemon
gift card, micro-blading and or ombre (eyebrows) plus a touch up
Avenu 2. 💥 Running Room – Running hoody, hat & socks, valued at
$100 – Must be a Follower, of Running Room Victoria on Facebook.
1. 💥 bodega bar restaurant Gift Card . CONTEST CLOSES, October
15th. DRAW DATE: October 16th, 2020

A post shared by Body Dynamics Headquarters (@bdhq) on
Oct 7, 2020 at 2:02pm PDT

The account just has about 2,500 followers and the average post
gets 0 to 1 comment. But this post got over 350 comments at the
time of writing. All they asked people to do is follow them, like
them and comment on the post by tagging their favorite gym

They’re a gym so they offered a complimentary membership and
some fitness products as the prizes. 

Work on getting other forms of engagement:

If you work on getting other forms of engagements such as likes
and views your post will naturally get more exposure which will
result in comments. So, along with comments, try to get some likes.
If you analyze your account you will be able to get it down to a
formula. You will be able to see how many likes lead to a


These are my top 7 tips to get more comments on Instagram. Use
them to increase engagement and eventually your following and sales

They take some effort but will pay off in the long

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7 Ways to Get More Comments on Instagram