6 Instagram Growth Hacks You Should Try to Explode Your Reach

6 Instagram Growth Hacks You Should Try to Explode Your Reach

If you aren’t active on Instagram you are missing out on a ton
of marketing opportunities for your business. As it has over
a billion users who can be
reached better than on many other networks because of Instagram’s high

So, to help you grow your presence I have shared my top
Instagram growth hacks below. Use them to generate engagement,
traffic, and sales quickly.

#1. Create more videos

Images and carousel type posts still drive a good amount of
engagement on Instagram, but if you really want to stand out you
should be creating video content. As studies like this one show that
videos drive the most engagement on Instagram.

videos drive the highest engagement instagram

Also, as Instagram is starting to hide likes, people will look
to other metrics like views and comments to quickly determine the
authority of your account. So, if you want to quickly grow your
account and build up its authority at the same time, you should try
and create more videos.

But make sure you assess the time it takes you to create the
videos. If it is taking too long, then it will be better for you to
stick to publishing regular photo posts, carousel posts, and
stories more often.

An example of a company that understands the importance of using
videos to generate more engagement is Buzzfeed Tasty.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Tasty (@buzzfeedtasty)
on Mar 5, 2020 at
3:00pm PST

If you visit their Instagram account you will notice that it is
full of videos such as the above one.

#2. Use influencer marketing

One of the best methods you can use for quick Instagram growth is influencer
. This is where you reach out to a person with a
popular Instagram account and ask them to promote your product
and/or account. Some will do it for free while others will charge
you an amount depending on the number of followers they have.

To generate the
best ROI
, get them to share a photo of your product and tag
your handle in the caption and in the photo. This will help you
generate both followers and sales from

Just make sure you only reach out to relevant influencers and
vet their Instagram accounts for genuine engagement and followers.
As there are a lot of accounts with fake followers.

An example of a company that has had success with influencer
marketing is Gymshark.

They are a brand that makes gym wear. So, they work with fitness
Influencers on Instagram and get them to publish pictures and
videos of them wearing Gymshark clothing.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Devon Lévesque (@devonlevesque)
on Oct 21,
2019 at 6:10am PDT

The above one is one of them. Many of the posts are videos of
fitness influencers working out while wearing Gymshark

#3. Set up shoppable posts

One of the biggest problems businesses face on Instagram is that
they can’t share links in their posts. If you share a product in
your feed, you usually have to add the link to it in your
URL and ask people to leave the post, go to your profile
and click on the link in your bio.

This can discourage people from visiting your website as it can
take some time. Also, it can be a lot of work for you to constantly
change the bio URL.

So, if you run an eCommerce
, I recommend that you take advantage of Instagram’s
shoppable posts feature. This lets you tag products in your photos
and videos on Instagram.

An example can be seen from Oro Los Angeles.

shoppable posts example

This is how the post looks in your feed. And when you click on
the bag icon, you can view the products and click on them and go to
the product pages.

tag products in shoppable posts

Isn’t this more convenient? After implementing shoppable
posts, Oro Los Angeles saw a 29.3% lift in month over
month revenue from Instagram.

Oro were able to install shoppable posts on their store because
they run on Shopify.

use shopify to create shoppable posts

This builder offers an integration with Instagram which lets
them tag products in posts. So, if you want to take advantage of
this feature, you should create your store with a builder like
Shopify that offers this integration.

Using shoppable posts will also free up your Instagram bio. And
you can link to a landing page that will help your business
generate more leads or sales. For the best results, I recommend
that you use a tool like Split.Link to create an Instagram
landing page.

use an Instagram landing page tool

This will make it easy for people to find the most important
links to your website and social media accounts quickly.

#4. Run ads

Another Instagram growth hack you can use for quick results is
ads. Ads, just like influencer marketing, will help you get traffic
and sales quickly. I recommend that you experiment with both to see
which one brings you the best ROI. Then you can invest more into
the one that works best.

You can actually combine influencer marketing with retargeting
ads to get even better results.

#5. Utilize conversion scent to drive more sales

Whether you are using ads or organic methods you should make
sure you use the power of conversion scent. As it can increase your
conversion rate. To understand what conversion scent is, watch the
below video…

As Rand Fishkin explains, conversion scent is the relationship
between the ad and the page it leads to. When the design of the ad
is similar to the design of the landing page, you are more likely
to generate more sales. As people will sense a familiarity between
the ad and the landing page.

But this principle doesn’t just apply to ads, it applies when
publishing organic posts as well.

Instilling conversion scent might seem like a complicated step,
but it is actually pretty simple. One easy way to do this is by
adding your logo or something similar to your images like
Gousto did in the
below post.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Gousto (@goustocooking)
on Jan 10, 2020 at
10:00am PST

They use the same logo they have on their website. This logo
provides their followers with something to recognize them by. And
when people visit their website they will see it right at the top
and feel more at home.

Another method you can use to boost conversion scent is to keep
the font and writing style in your Instagram captions similar to
that on your website.

#6. Don’t forget story highlights

Another Instagram growth hack you can use to get the most out of
your Instagram bio is story highlights. Highlights let you place
your Instagram stories right at the top of your profile. You should
take advantage of this feature as your Instagram bio can only be
150 characters long.

The information you can’t include there should be added to
your highlights. This way you can share more about yourself, your
products, your customers, etc.

A company that makes the most of the highlights feature is
Van Leeuwen.

share more information in your highlights

As you can see here, their highlights include details like the
ingredients they use, stores where you can find their products,
their specials menu, etc. And they present them all with really
neat icons.

You can’t add all this information with just the bio.


These are my 6 top Instagram growth hacks. Use them today to get
more followers, traffic, engagement, and sales quickly.

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