4 Ways to Effectively Maximize Link Building in Your Social Media Strategy

Long gone are the days of businesses solely using traditional
marketing methods to grow. That’s not saying that traditional
methods are dead, because they’re not. But traditional marketing
methods aren’t the only way to bring awareness to a company or
brand. Today, social media is a major component of any effective
marketing strategy.

When it comes to link building through social media, you can’t deny its power. Social
media allows your brand to improve its SEO efforts, boost
engagement, and expand your reach, making it a marketing force to
be reckoned with!

If you’re not too familiar with link building, a simplified
definition of link building would be techniques or tactics used to
get more links to your website from other websites (backlinks).
It’s important to understand that link building isn’t an easy
task but when it’s done properly, it can do a world of wonder for
your business. 

That’s why so many businesses turn to the best link building sites for link
building packages to meet their business needs… Social media just
amplifies your link building efforts.

The funny thing about utilizing social media in link building
strategies is that it’s not this new phenomenon like people tend
to think it is. The reason people think that is because they
weren’t utilizing it properly in the first place. 

For one, to effectively use social media in your link building
strategy, it’s going to help if you at least have a basic
understanding of what each platform offers. For example, if
you’re familiar with Instagram, you know that one of its big
features is the “Swipe Up†option that links users to your
landing pages. 

When you have a complete understanding of the social media
platforms you’re using, it’s going to help you hone in on the
specific approach to take in maximizing the full effectiveness of
your links. Let’s take a closer look at how to best utilize link
building in your social media strategy.

Getting the Most From Link Building Through Social Media

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Cross-Link Social Profiles

Cross-linking is the very reason why businesses need to have
more than one social channel. Businesses can’t possibly expect
potential customers to always find them… sometimes you have to
just make it easier for your audience to find you. 


Because believe it or not, if someone is following your brand on
one particular social channel, they more than likely going to be
willing to follow you on other social channels as well.

So, to keep their interest, you need to make it easy for them to
find you on other social channels. The best way to do this is
through cross-linking. You can cross-link in several different ways
too. For example, one way to do this is to provide a link to your
Twitter account in your Instagram profile.

This is going to create and promote consistency within your
brand across multiple platforms, which will build trust with your
audience as well. 

And not to get cross-linking confused with cross-posting, we
recommend that you make sure you optimize the content you use for
each network and make sure the post you create belongs on a
particular social channel.

Utilize Calls to Action (CTAs) in Your Profile Bio

A CTA is a prompt to encourage some type of action from your
audience. Your CTA could be to fill out a contact form, subscribe,
or to purchase a particular product, as long as it encourages your
audience to do something.

Using CTAs with social media is very beneficial because
regardless of the platform you use, it allows you to push a product
or service any time you make a new post about it. 

If you post a snippet of a tutorial in your Instagram story, you
can simply include the statement “Link in Bio,†and people will
know exactly where to go to see the rest of your tutorial.

Also, when you post links in your bio, regardless of platform,
the links are easy to switch to match the product or service
you’re promoting at the time.

Use Shortened or Branded URLs

With shortened or branded URLs, it’s simple… they’re just
more appealing than long, drawn-out links and it’s ideal for
social media because they’re just easier to share with followers
and boost conversions… the shorter the link, the better. 

The same rule applies to branded links as well. Your branded
link still needs to be shortened but include your brand name. Also,
branded links appear more trustworthy and authoritative… this is
extremely important because there’s a lot of “spammy†stuff
on social media and the last thing you want to do is appear

Grab Attention With High-Quality Images

Social media is the poster child for high-quality images…
it’s practically a virtual photo book! The best way to generate
more clicks and traffic to your site is to not only incorporate
shortened URLs but to place those shortened URLs with high-quality

With social media, the highest chance of getting your posts seen
is to include images with every post. Just make sure the image is
relevant to the link you’re posting alongside the image.

Final Thoughts

Social media is a very effective way to utilize link building.
The main thing to think about from this post isn’t what you link
to, but what you link to is very important… The key takeaway here
is HOW you link. How you link is what’s going to
be the biggest determining factor as to how effective your links
will be on social media.

Take the time out to create a clear strategy on how you want to
use link building on your social media channels to ensure your
efforts won’t be wasted.

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