4 Gifts Gmail Gave Us For Its 15th Birthday

Fifteen years ago this month, Gmail made its debut online. And
despite making its first appearance on April Fools’ Day, its
dominance has been far from a joke. It made its
arrival on the scene with unparalleled dominance
in its search
capability, tools to fight spam, and especially its storage
capacity – 1GB? Could you believe it (in 2004)?

This month marks its fifteenth anniversary, and in honor of the
milestone Google opted to give its users several gifts. Here, we
share four
of the latest updates to the platform
that will change the way
you communicate.

Smart Compose Learns New Tongues

Smart Compose, an AI-assisted feature designed to expedite your
email sending, is now available in Spanish, French, Italian and
Portuguese, in addition to English. This feature has reportedly
saved Gmail users from typing over a billion characters each week
– and now it’ll be able to do so for more users all over the

Smart Compose is also coming to mobile in a big way – once
only available for the Pixel 3, the feature is now making its debut
across all Android devices. In the coming months, the feature will
also be available for iOS users. Given that Google estimates

over 72 percent of the US workforce will be mobilized in some
capacity by next year
, strong mobile support is a logical shift
toward the present and future of how business is conducted.

Smart Compose Has Gotten to Know You

Smart Compose has learned more than new languages in the last
few years; now, it knows even more about you…and will be using
that information to speed up your composition process. Have a
custom greeting or closing you’re partial to in your emails?
Smart Compose knows, and will be using it more frequently. Stumped
about an email subject? Once you start writing your message,
it’ll be able to suggest appropriate subject lines for what
you’ve filled the email body with.

The tool
admittedly still has some room to grow
, but these additions to
Smart Compose will continue to cement Gmail’s dominance in the
AI-assisted email segment.

Inside Job: More Activity from Inside Your Inbox

Finally, you can do more from within the “confines” of your
inbox than ever before. According to product manager Tom Holman,
users “can respond to a comment thread in Google Docs, browse
hotel recommendations and more, directly within emails.

This way,” he says in the birthday blog post, “you don’t
have to open a new tab or app to get things done.”

Press ‘Pause’ with Scheduled Emails

Perhaps the biggest news of our gift haul from Google, is the
ability to schedule emails without the use of a third-party tool.
While this capacity existed in the
now-defunct Inbox app
, desktop users couldn’t delay or set
the sending of their messages. Now, Gmail users will be able to
send messages anywhere from two minutes in the future…to fifty
years from now.

Whether you’re scheduling emails later to be respectful of
someone’s time away from their desk, to facilitate easy work
across time zones, or simply to avoid hitting “send” on that
email you’re nervous about, Scheduled Emails stand to make a
massive impact on users’ ability to work hard and work smart.

This collection of updates, given to us as Gmail is poised
toward a new frontier, shows a lot of promise for the future of G
Suite: more ways to support international use, stronger use of AI,
and minimal movement from inboxes to the wider internet. We’re
excited to play with the many gifts that Google has provided in
this announcement – and yet we’re already looking ahead to the
additional upgrades to Gmail for the next fifteen years and

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4 Gifts Gmail Gave Us For Its 15th Birthday
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4 Gifts Gmail Gave Us For Its 15th Birthday